Android Wear Review! [LG G Watch & Gear Live]


Well for those of you pondering what these watches are like, let me give you the low down on specs for those of you tech noobs.  The LG G watch features 280×280 pixel LCD IPS screen and 400mAh battery while Gear Live feature 320×320 piexl Super AMOLED screen.  To the naked eye, both screens look fairly decent. Gear live is obviously slightly more clearer but I don’t really see any advantages as the pixel difference is not to huge.

Battery life?

Battery life is excellent on both G Watch and Live Gear.  I can do pretty much go full day from 8am until the next morning with a hangover and still have around 20% of battery left.  Definitely, you will be able to use it for full 24 hours no problem.  The G Watch seems to get slightly better battery life as the lower resolution and bigger battery helps but again, both watches do a good full day without needing for a recharge.

Is Android Wear useless?

It’s in the eyes of beholder.  Without a doubt, Android wear watches are 10 times better than any regular digital/analog watches because you can change the watch face; make it digital or analog or even animated with custom backgrounds.  Android Wear watches are great for checking emails in situations where u r not allowed to use smartphone such as… at the doctor’s office, in an important corporate meeting, or even while on an important call.

One of my favorite features is reading SMS.  My phones shows the first few words of a text message.  I would have to swipe my notification bar, then click on my Google Voice or SMS app to actually see the full message.

With Android Wear watches, you can get the full SMS message easily just taking a quick peek at your watch, without taking your phone out.  This is great since you can still receive important or emergency messages even if you are in a corporate meeting with your boss talking about something important or perhaps just walking your dog.

Future of watches?

If you like wearing watches, this is definitely the future of watches. There may be a day we no longer use traditional analog/digital watches just like we don’t use landlines anymore. Everybody has a cellphone.

Both LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live do great for taking daily showers together.  It’s also a great way to clean your Android Wear for the day so you don’t get all kind of grime and bacteria growing on your watch. The IP67 rating on these watches mean you can take it with you in most watery situations, just don’t take with you when you go swimming, it’s not really intended for that.

Now, how cool are Android Wear watches compared to traditional digital watches like Casio?

I’ve wore almost every digital watch that came out back in to late 80s and early 90s growing up and believe me I was as high on digital watches as I am now high on Android.  And those things were pretty cool back then as you could use it as a stopwatch, calculator, play games, and even type stuff.

But Android wear? It’s on whole another level.  This is a new digital watch revolution.  If you are a kid or even a grown-up kid like myself who enjoys new things you can do with a watch, AndroidWear is definitely going to get you up to speed.

“But I don’t like wearing watches!!!”

Hey take a chill pill, and chilllax. Honestly, I didn’’t like watches anymore until recently I’ve started using my LG G watch and Gear Live.  The reason?  I used to like digital watches from Casio but they never really changed much in the last decade, offering the same features for as long as I can remember.  I mean, there are some watches with new features but nothing like being able to be connected to your smartphone, the internet, and being able to process voice commands.  And this is just the beginning.  Eventually you will be able to check on your baby in another room, open the garage of your house, and probably even order products on amazon instantly.

Plus, the latest Android wear watches actually look like a watch, instead of the original Gear which just looked a bit funky, maybe like a toy spywatch.  That was the killer difference really, G Watch and Gear Live both look like “real” watches with nothing sticking out.  Also, I do really like the full color screen on my Android Wear watches, especially being able to change my watch face.  The colorful backgrounds that change throughout the day sorta make me higher and higher on Android.

Talking about watch faces, Android Wear screen’s coolest feature is definitely being able to switch your watch face on the go. They look pretty real and darn cool, about 10 times or 100 times better than any traditional watches on the market.

In the last whole week that I’ve been wearing my watch to restaurants and hanging out with my buddies, I’ve got so many complements, people are always asking me, “hey is that the Android smartwatch?  That’s so cool!”

With my Google Glass, I don’t really get complements like that, rather, people are like, “Hey are you recording me right now?” or somethin like, “You glasshole, you took a photo of my panties!”

Really, I love my G Watch and Gear Live, I really like em. They are simple, sleek, and can do more things than a dumbwatch.  No camera? I think camera is just not necessary on the Android Wear watches at the moment.

It just adds a lot more cost and bulkiness to your watch. In the future maybe as prices go down and Android Wear watches become more popular, but for now, i rather pay around $200 for one instead of $350 or more with a camera added.

LG G watch or Gear Live?

I’ve used both for almost 2 weeks now, and my hands literally go to the G watch. it looks sleeker and I just like it more.  But if heart rate monitor is an absolute must for you because you are an exercising machine, then the Gear Live is not bad either. In fact, as far as build quality goes, the Gear Live looks and feels more durable, and probably will be better for those of you active on the go 24/7 anyways.

Overall, Android Wear watches are definitely resurrecting the older traditional digital watches.  These are just plain too cool to wear, they look good and make you look like a pimp, nevermind all the stuff it can do over the dumbwatches.  If you want be pimpin’ with the latest and great gadget of all time, you need one of these watches.  It’s just bangin’.

So, definitely give it a thought Android Wear watches are legit, one day, it will replace your smartphone.   And as always, stay High On Android!

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