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A lot of people have asked me what I use for recording my videos on YouTube, so this is a page dedicated to all the camera gear I use and recommend to others. (This page is updated as I buy/change my camera equipment so check back for my latest stuff!)

UPDATE: I have a new dedicated website called for all my camera gear, check my new Camera Gear page after reading this one, thanks!

First, I primarily use Canon DSLR cameras to record videos as I am fond of the ability to change/swap lenses and also have great low-light abilities.

But if you are just starting out with videos, perhaps you want to start a YouTube channel or maybe just need a good camcorder for recording home videos, you may want to consider the Sony CX330, which is my other favorite camera I carry with me when I travel. DSLR cameras are great but if you have never used one before, the learning curve is rather steep and you may just want to stick with something simpler.  I recommend the Sony FDR-AX33 4K camcorder for 4K videos, this camera is BOSS!

If you absolutely must have the best video equipment, DSLR is still the way to go, you cannot beat the quality of large lenses and depth-of-field/focus you can get with a DSLR.

Here’s some equipment I use:

  • Canon 7D – I bought this camera nearly 4 years ago and it still works great.  The Canon 7D can take excellent 18MP photos and video recording up to 1080P 30FPS.  There’s many more lower-priced DSLR cameras you can buy these days though but this is my first DSLR camera.
  • Canon 60D – I bought this 2 years ago and this one does just as well for photos and videos like the Canon 7D.  The specs are nearly identical and Canon 60D is much cheaper.  What I like this over my Canon 7D (and why I use it more now) is the flippable liveview screen.  It’s not as sturdy as my 7D but I love being able to carry it everywhere with me without worrying about breaking something more expensive.

If you want to get started with DSLRs, Canon released many new cameras that are just as good as 7D and 60D at much lower prices.  I do recommend the Canon T5i for starters, it’s nearly the same specs and for video especially, the quality is going to be nearly the same.

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  1. tkj says:

    hi .. i’ve always valued your demo’s etc but your descriptin of the Sigma lens is just absurd:
    The Sigma 18-35mm lens is a wide-angle lens with low F-stop of just 1.8. What’s great about that? The lower the F-stop, the more in-focus you can get to your subject and also have more depth-of-field (where your subject comes in focus while background blurs out).

    Any photographer worth his/her salt knows that the total opposite is true!!! Low f’s such as 1.8 mean very *shallow* depth of field!!!! ie, THINNER is that zone where things are in focus. An extreme example of the opposite effect woujld be a pin-hole camera which might have a f-stop of 90 or 120 !!
    So hUGE is the ‘plane of focus’ that no lens is even NEEDED!!! EVERYTHING to infinity will be reasonably sharp! I could do the calculations but i wont, i’ll just estimate:
    If lens to subject is , say 5 feet, at f1.8 (ie, wide open) , i’d expect the zone of focus to be perhaps several inches! ie,… NARROW .. ie, LESS depth of field ..

    Tue, it’s easy for non-photog’s to be a lil confused .. The real advantage of f1.8 would be twofold:
    ability to emphasize a certain device, blurring the rest in the distance, aND to allow more light to hit the sensor (film or chip or eyeball!) allowing a faster shutterspeed … I think you git my drift now … Please do correct the impression your lines above present ..
    and please do keep up the good work we’ve come to value !

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