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Note 7 ROM for Galaxy Note 3! [Note 7 Conversion]

If you guys want to get all of the new software features of Galaxy Note 7 on your rooted Note 3, you can easily do it with the latest DarkLord ROM which has nearly all Note 7 features working, this is a full Note 7 ported ROM for the Note 3.  Best of all, DarkLord ROM brings you manual mode on your Note 3 camera.  Yes, a fully-working Note  7 camera on a Galaxy Note 3! (The resolutions are hardware-limited but everything else works!)


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Drop Test!

Well, I decided to do a drop test with my brand, new Galaxy Note 3, since I had to break the screen anyways to do a future screen replacement video.

It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 actually is pretty durable as the screen lived though a pocket drop, 5’9″ drop from the head, and even completely face-down drop from 5’9″.  In the end, I did a near 7-foot drop, which was probably inevitable to expect not to break.


Galaxy Note 3 UNBOXING!

Well, I just received two, brand new Galaxy Note 3s this morning via FedEx, one of them the international LTE SM-N9005 model with Qualcomm CPU and the other SM-N900 model with Octa-core CPU.

First thoughts upon touching the Note 3 with my eyes closed?

Well, the Note 3 certainly has a different feel than any of its predecessors, the back of the phone feels like leather and certainly more “premium” feel.  Of course, the leather isn’t real leather but I do feel Sammy has done a terrific job of bringing premium feel that everyone wanted.