Galaxy Note 3 UNBOXING!

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Well, I just received two, brand new Galaxy Note 3s this morning via FedEx, one of them the international LTE SM-N9005 model with Qualcomm CPU and the other SM-N900 model with Octa-core CPU.

First thoughts upon touching the Note 3 with my eyes closed?

Well, the Note 3 certainly has a different feel than any of its predecessors, the back of the phone feels like leather and certainly more “premium” feel.  Of course, the leather isn’t real leather but I do feel Sammy has done a terrific job of bringing premium feel that everyone wanted.

The Galaxy Note 3 is simply a “beast” of smartphones.  Packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3Ghz (or 1.9Ghz Octa-core for non-LTE model) and 3GB of DD3 memory, there’s nothing out there (as of this post’s date) that beats this whopping, mega-lord of smartphones.

And yes, I did get to try some of newer products on the market today such as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, so I do have a point of reference.  Sony Xperia Z Ultra is certainly nice phone also but it’s simply way to big for daily driving and its note capabilities come nowhere near the Note 3.

With that said, Galaxy Note 3 beats out everything currently on the market period, there’s just nothing like it.  I am sure in 3-6 months, Note 3 will get passed on by other new smartphones but for the next 3 months, it’s definitely the killer phone.

What’s new with Note 3?

Note 3 packs pretty much every, single feature of Galaxy S4 plus S-Pen and bigger 1080P HD AMOLED screen.  The coolest new features include 4K video recording, 720P HD 120fps slow-motion recording, USB 3.0 port, and new floating windows you can create using the S-Pen.

As far as differences between the Note 3 vs. Note 2, Note 3 now comes with full 1080P HD screen while it weighs a bit less and is even a bit thinner.  Also, battery has been upgraded from 3100mAh to 3200mAh.

Note 3 now comes with IR blaster, meaning you can throw away your TV/DVR remotes away for good as it is able to support more devices. (e.g. You can probably control your TV in your living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, etc…etc…)  I know how many times I’ve got mad last year trying to find the lost remote, this will definitely solve the problem as my new daily driver will be the Note 2.

Android 4.3 is also now standard with Note 3.  As I own 6 different Galaxy S4s running Android 4.2.2, I can appreciate the “polished” feel of Android 4.3 on Note 3.  Yes, everything on the Note 3 seems a bit better than the ones found on S4, I believe this is due to the fact that Samsung has done some optimizing since the S4 launch.

Overall, Note 3 really hits the sweet spot for me personally as the size of the phone is just perfect with enough CPU horsepower and super, long battery life to last me at least one more year until Note 4 comes out.

And lastly but not least, Note 3 isn’t for everyone, it’s for all of you entrepreneurs, designers, graphic artists, elderly, students, and people who can benefit from the large screen, fastest processing power, long battery life, true smartphone multi-tasking, and capabilities of S-Pen.

I will do some more horsing around with the Note 3 and in the meanwhile, you can go root your Galaxy Note 3 or even disassemble the Note 3.



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