Xposed for Marshmallow [Android 6.0/6.0.1]

Need Xposed for your Android with Marshmallow?  You can install Xposed on any rooted Android device running the latest Android 6.0 or 6.0.1.

For older Android 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1 Lollipop, see our Xposed for Lollipop page instead.

Xposed APK Download

For all Android devices, you will need the following:

Download Xposed Installer APK

You can use the standard Xposed Installer APK and Xposed zip file for all rooted Android devices except Samsung TouchWiz.

Note: If you are running AOSP ROMs such as CM13 on your Samsung device, please use the Non-Samsung/AOSP version below!

Framework Download for Non-Samsung/AOSP ROMs

Download for ARM (for most older Android devices like Nexus 4/5/6, Note 2/3/4, S2/S3/S4/S5, HTC One M7/M8)

Download ARM Uninstaller

Download for ARM64 (for newer devices like Nexus 6P, HTC 10, LG G5, etc…)

Download ARM64 Uninstaller

Download for x86 (for Intel-based devices like Zenfone 2)

Download x86 Uninstaller

Framework Download for Samsung Touchwiz ROMs

Download for ARM (for most older Android Note 2/3/4, S2/S3/S4/S5)

Download for ARM Alternative (If you end up in a bootloop using one above on Note 4 or Note Edge, try this one)

Download for ARM64 (for newer devices like S6, S7, Note 5, S6 Edge+)

Download ARM/ARM64 Uninstaller

Credits – Official, Samsung Unofficial

  • Mark

    Could you possibly help me with this? I have a note 4 (n910f) with stock rom (6.0.1). I have been able to run twrp on it and I am rooted with supersu 2.76. Every time I flash the xposed framework (ram version from sdk23) it freezes on the first startup screen. It doesn’t even get to the boot Samsung screen. I have to restore from nandroid backup every time, not even the uninstall zip works. Any help would be great.

  • TheKid

    Is the above samsung touchwiz rom deodexed?

    • No you can use on both odexed or deodexed.

  • calvin

    Hi I have a T mobile Note 4 on the Dr Ketan s7 edge port. It was originally intended for the sm910g, but I installed he h vitamin kernel fix and data fix, and it works on my sm910t. My phone now thinks it’s a 910g now (here is a pic). I’m trying to install xposed on my device, which is rooted and on twrp recovery. I have tried to install the framework for Samsung TouchWiz MN devices on it, but to no avail. I’m going to try the Aosp one now, but I feel like it won’t work. Becauss as best I know, the Dr Ketan s7 edge port Rom is TouchWiz based. Anyone have any advice for me?

  • Shiv

    It says you can use the apk file for any rooted device expect touchwiz, I have a s5 thats running touchwiz so can I download the Xpose apk ?

  • Ad Vic

    So……..complete noob here………rooted (odin3) a samsung galaxy s5 (G900R4) i had the apk for xposed, its no flashed in, i dont believe i changed the ROM or flashed in xposed. i cant seem to get my phone to allow me to do either of them. i really want this framework. please help a dummy out.

    • Ad Vic

      i have basic xposed on the phone, cant turn on some mods/installers, have TWRP manager, has the ARMv7 processor in it

  • linkaaN

    so i just put in the S7 edge ROM in my Note 4 ( 910F ) works fine, trying to install Xposed, intstaller works fine, but when i flash in the Frameworks and reboots its stuck on “samsung” logo.. been trying now for 4 hours. and im about to give up.. any ideas?

    • Spart

      Are you using arm or arm64?

      • linkaaN

        I’m trying to use the arm

        • linkaaN

          Got the snapdragon 805

    • amanpreet bhatt

      are u gonna reply to people or just a sham??

      • Adelino660

        He’s not your 24hr free technical support…

        • Tobias

          But did it solved the bootloop or not?

  • amanpreet bhatt

    I need help! i get error for framework even though i use the correct one. My device is S5 touchwhiz but when i flash the framework it gives me an error. its says wrong platform: arm then it says this file is for: arm 64. but i have tried arm 64 aswell doesnt work.

  • lonan “falCo” darthia’s

    hello, i have a s5 duos whenever i try to flash arm

    it gets me this message E:signature verification failed
    what should i do?

  • Dominik

    i cant install on my sony m4 aqua

  • I installed it succesfully on mys5 with marshmallow (after 5 minutes booting). Now i downloaded some apps for xposed and restartet, but it doesnt finish the boot process (I´m waiting for over 15 minutes).
    Can someone please help?

  • Austin Treesh

    Okay I am running Aokp 6.0.1 on Droid turbo. What files do I need to download?? Every time I flash and it boots back up, when I go to xposed it says this version isn’t compatible

  • Shawn Ray

    @zedomax:disqus im getting an error downloading xposed on my s4. i’m using the thor s7 rom

  • painterdannz

    Any chance you could direct me which xposed installer I need to flash on my huawei p8 please?

  • khushil

    i am running on marshmallow on samsung galaxy a7 2016 sm-a710f which arm version should i download?

  • Md Shahil Shaikh

    I have recently flashed Darkwolf rom in my Note 3 9005. Is it an AOSP ROM? I m really confused as to which closed framework do I need to install –

    i ) Framework Download for Non-Samsung/AOSP ROMs


    ii) Framework Download for Samsung Touchwiz ROMs

    Please guide me and give d youtube link if u have any for installing or flashing it.


    • Abubakar Siddick Shaban

      Darkwolf rom is not AOSP rom. It is Samsung TouchWiz rom.

  • Nikola Krstic

    Xposed works but S health app stopped responding…getting that notification every 2 seconds…done everything like in video…how to fix this? I tried diabling and reinstalling s health updates,uninstaling xposed but still doesnt work.I m using note 5 6.0.1 rooted

  • Madi Karlos

    Can guide me step by step how to upgrade my Lenovo S660 to latest Android?
    My email : askulbemmer@gmail.com

  • Rodolfo

    S6 EDGE Plus Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 (G928GUBS2BPH3) IT WORKS

  • ALph4

    Hi. I installed CM13 on my Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday. I installed Xposed and updated it with no problems, but as soon as I activate the module I get the bootloop forcing me to use the uninstaller. Any ideas?

  • juf…

    Hi… friends…
    I flashed with phronesis note 7 port on my note 3…
    Now I’m confused, whether it’s AOSP or Tuchwiz…
    Anybody help me asap…

  • Arjun Sahani

    I’m having OBI sf1 and I didn’t find any custom ROM please help me out to get Marshmallow custom ROM for OBI SF1

  • Arjun Sahani

    Please anyone guide me I’m having OBI sf1 and I didn’t find any custom ROM please help me out to get Marshmallow custom ROM for OBI SF1

  • Tazieo Jean-Pierre Riley

    good evening, i have a samsung J7, which file should i download?

  • Dimitrije

    Hey I got a note 4 n910f with noble rom 3.0x what rom do i need to install this please answer me Max or anyone else

  • ZimZalaBim

    Anyone knows of working xposed framework for Samung Galaxy A7 (2016). I always get stuck in a bootloop after installing the framework???

  • Peter Apalakis

    Please anyone knows how to root lg stylus 2 k52010c with android 6.0.1. MMB29M
    or get other rom stock???

    • Shadow Walker

      downloads kingsroot on google instead of playstore

      • Peter Apalakis

        Thanks but is not working… can not rooted….

  • 14M4N0NYM0U5

    Most links are DEAD. ARM is dead, ARM Uninstaller is dead. Please re-upload them.

  • gautam krishna

    xposed framework zip file for AOSP ROM android 7.1.1