Amazon Echo Unboxing!


When Amazon Echo arrived on my doorsteps the day before my vacation to Asia, I decided to take it with me so I can do an unboxing video.  After thinking awhile about making a creative unboxing video, I had stumbled upon timelapse/stop-motion videos.  Well, this is my first stop-motion unboxing video and I hope you guys like it!

Amazon Echo is a “smart” bluetooth speaker that’s sort of has something similar to Google Voice, allowing you to interact with it with voice commands.  These voice commands can allow you to easily ask question about the weather, news, and other random facts about the world.  It also does math but not too well at the moment.  I think it’s definitely a work in progress as Amazon has launched this product as beta but since it works off the cloud, we should see it get smarter in the long run.  By the time you get this, it may be able to do a whole lot more.

What’s really promising with the Amazon Echo is that it’s a device that Amazon can keep upgrading plus its voice control capabilities with home automation may be the coolest feature.   While I haven’t got to try it yet but I had a load of WeMo units at home so I should have a full review of my voice-controlled home automation when I get back from my vacation.

As for speakers itself, they are quite loud at its loudest setting, the bass isn’t the best in the world but it does a great job of playing music very loud.  And you can use your voice commands to play your Amazon Prime music along with other music online services like Pandora.  I think this feature is definitely neat for people like myself who listen to Pandora all day long as you will be able to play music, switch channels, and stop music all with your voice.

Overall, Amazon Echo is definitely recommended for those of you who like to listen to music all day long, need voice control for your home automation, or need a personal assistant that can take memos, shopping lists, and set alarms.  But otherwise you may want to wait until Amazon further hones and makes the Amazon Echo as smart as Google Voice.

You can get the Amazon Echo here.

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