OnePlus One Giveaway Contest! [CLOSED]


Tired of waiting for OnePlus One invite?  Even if you got an invite, you must pony up $349 for the 64GB Sanstone version.

Well, we are giving out a brand, new OnePlus One 64GB Sanstone edition to alleviate your pain of waiting for OnePlus One invite!

Oct 1st. 2014 – Winners announced!

To enter this contest, you must be 18 or over and do the following 3 steps:

#1 – Subscribe to Zedomax YouTube Channel – Click Here to Subscribe

#2 – Subscribe to Tech Nique YouTube Channel – Click Here to Subscribe

#3 – Subscribe to our HighOnAndroid E-Mail Newsletter – Click Here to Subscribe

Make sure you do all three steps otherwise you may be disqualified even if you win!

*Note – This contest is open to all residents in U.S., Canada, and international.  We will be shipping the phone from the U.S. address so if you live outside the U.S. you may be responsible for any import duties/taxes.  Also you must be 18 or over!

Winners will be announced on October 1st 2014, 12PM Pacific Standard Time!


197 Responses

  1. Alfredo Olguin says:

    i will like to win the oneplus one

  2. Bozo says:

    Good job Max , cant wait to announce who is the winner

  3. Henk van Ommen says:

    Hij There Max,
    Awesome giveaway man, looking forward to the drawing October 1st!

  4. Thu Win says:

    I was always subscribed to you 😀

  5. Zakaria says:

    Hope i win this time around

  6. Zakaria says:

    Hipe i win this time around

  7. Kyle says:

    I’m going to win!

  8. med says:

    hope i win, time to upgrade from this mid ranger [tecno n3]. HIGH!! HIGH!! on android.

  9. Margaret Smith says:

    Did all! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  10. Flip Jumpman says:

    Great video & thanks for the opportunity Max!

  11. thom says:

    Thanks for all you guys do. And thanks for the chance to win the one plus one.

  12. Ezra Peres says:

    If you don’t try you will not succeed I’m in

  13. Wale Rufai says:

    I can smell the OnePlusOne in my hands now!

  14. Reg Bell says:

    thanks for the opportunity

  15. Wy Elkins says:

    Cool! Thanks for the contest.

  16. Gary says:

    I would like to think I’m due

  17. Brian says:

    One of these days, I’m going to win.

  18. Rick Ramo says:

    The android L vid was interesting, support for Bluetooth 4.1. about time.

  19. Jason Lanningham says:

    Thank you for the opportunity zedomax!!!

  20. Stefan Hall says:

    I’m with Ezra Peres on this one. You have to apply to be in the running.

  21. Larry B says:

    Subscribed to all 3.Thanks for the contest!

  22. Carlos Vicente says:

    I’m high so please keep me there by announcing me as the

  23. giggock says:

    wish could get it cause now i have no phone just lost.

  24. Kaeem Khokhar says:

    This phone looks impressive. Wud really like to have one 🙂

  25. imran says:

    Great giveaway max gd luck to all for the contest , Ive been subscribed to ur channel a long time ago stay high on android everyday lol 🙂

  26. San says:

    You just made us subscribe to a guy who makes some of the lamest tech videos!
    Give him some classes, Max, and give me the OPO! My S2 is about to die, with all the tinkering I subject it to, thanks to you 😛 !! You owe me!!

  27. mickey dillard says:

    No chance of a invite,been trying since release.So this is my only chance.

  28. Leonard says:

    My time is now .Oppo come to meeeee

  29. Min Zaw Bwa says:

    Can’t wait… hope i win… 🙂

  30. J J says:

    I’m in and can’t wait till I’m holding the phone in my hand.

  31. rjmjr69 says:

    Hope I win. Followed the directions but unsure how a winner is picked?

  32. ciaron says:

    Done , Man , I hope i win this , iv’e been without a phone for like a month since it smashed.

  33. Jacob Wells says:

    Can’t wait to bless my wife with her first Android phone. She’s finally sick of her Windows Phone.

  34. Shaun Rioux says:

    I really want this phone:-)

  35. JP Bojorquez G. says:

    Good luck to everybody!!!

  36. Genesis Barrios says:

    It keeps saying my comment is too short so I’m just going to write this because yeah

  37. Ajay Kapoor says:

    That would be the more wonderful gift if I win.I am so excited to receive it.I know I am the one that will win it.Ouu lala ouu lala.,

  38. Josh says:

    Would love to win! I could use a good phone!

  39. derrick smith says:

    You saved my butt when I rooted my note . love your video. Hope the winner loves the

  40. Syed Rizwan says:

    I wish they start making more of these to cater to the actual demand worldwide. But thanks man for this opportunity. Keep the videos and contests rolling. Good luck to all the participants 🙂

  41. Jeff AF says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to get the OPO!

  42. Kevin says:

    I’m entered and hope that I do win.

  43. Jared says:

    done all subscribes. I hope I am winner.

  44. waleed says:

    i wish i won this phone, i need it….

  45. Kevin says:

    I’m looking for a reason to get a different Android phone

  46. Alvin tan says:

    Am I automatically qualified if I have subscribed already? 🙂

  47. Jacob Bible says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  48. George DelRosario says:

    I wish i could win. I have no luck with these contests.

  49. Ratana SOTH says:

    I love it … I want it… I hope I win it

  50. Ethan Harrison says:

    But I’m already submitted my email that’s how I got this invite??

  51. Ryan says:

    Awesome thanks for the competition.

  52. Robert says:

    Done, I would love to get that puppy. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  53. Rohan Gupta says:

    Done. subscribed to all. id love to win the Flagship Killer.

  54. Mikeadonis says:

    What if I’m already subscribed to all 3?do I need to unsubscribe and subscribe again? Because I get high on Android everyday… Among other things…

  55. Freddy says:

    I hope this one is the one..see what I did there one+one

  56. TeacherMac says:

    Gotta believe! I’m looking forward to a win

  57. ron says:

    I’d really like to win.

  58. tanmoy says:

    i want this , I hope I win

  59. iftikhar ahmad says:

    I’m going to win

  60. Sanu says:

    Done… Hope to win… ☺

  61. Ashik says:

    it gonna be my third Oneplus one…

  62. Ian O says:

    One plus one is a great android phone. Thanks Max!

  63. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Amazing Phone. I am particiapted

  64. Nitesh says:

    wow….I am waiting for invite from past couple of months…

  65. cisco408ca says:

    I wanna WWiiiinnnnnnnnnn

  66. steve says:

    Hopefully I win . I never any of these giveaway.

  67. Jamal says:

    Since about last 3 years I am using Custom Roms in my Smartphones with the help and Guidance from You Max..!!!!!!!

  68. Rodney says:

    Can’t wait for the announcement

  69. Stuart Oakley says:

    Subscribed to all 3, thanks.

  70. 윤진현 says:

    I need that one plus one

  71. Chris Cantrell says:

    Love your approach, good luck everyone but mainly too me 😉

  72. hafidz says:

    nice one max!!! keep it up!!!…

  73. Prosper Ninson says:

    Entered. I hope I win 🙂

  74. Dan Chong says:

    Wuhoooooooooooo! Nice one

  75. wutwuttali says:

    For the win!!!!!!

  76. Straynart says:

    Hope this time will be my time !!

    ‘d luck everyone ! =]

  77. Dinyar says:

    Fan of ur channel from day 1..
    Love the post 🙂

  78. Nige says:

    Nice, already get emails and follow on G+, subbing isn’t hard. Thanks for the opportunity, would be an extremely welcome upgrade from my trusty S2 😉

  79. tom says:

    cool idea with the competition :). I wonder if I can win 🙂

  80. Sam Nicko says:

    WOOT WOOT This is AWESOME!! OnePlus One is a Flagship!! Totally love it! since the 1st born from OnePlus! so sad i want to buy it but invite system kinda tough to win and yet they don’t ship it to my country even if i win, this is the chance for me to follow my dream for having my dream Android phone the OnePlus One! Thank you so much for your generosity guys, liked and followed all + subscribed ^^ Thank you for a chance to WIN it and follow my dream ^^ AWESOME!

  81. Sawan Kumar Nag says:

    high on one+ one!! 😀 😀

  82. Chad says:

    Love love love these give aways! But would love them more if I could win one! 🙂

  83. Atish says:


  84. Zachi Gigi says:

    Subscribed! Subscribed! Subscribed!

    I’m in! Good Luck everyone!!!

  85. Lakshay says:

    Never Won A Giveaway As Im from India but if I win I will share it on my twitter Facebook google+ etc and more ever the best YouTube channel for me is zedomax one I always watch every single video of yours so if I didn’t even win someday I wish I win a giveaway from your channel thanks +maxlee and please do review s3 Roms

  86. Lambha says:

    Thanks Max for the awesome giveaway and your kindness,i would love to have it.

  87. N8IVEWARE says:

    Good luck everyone

  88. dipesh deula says:

    Cant wait for result announcement

  89. Ray says:

    What is better than a free Android!?

  90. elros says:

    alway high…on android

  91. Doug C says:

    Would be so cool to win that phone. Good luck everyone

  92. Wal says:

    Ohhh yes please Max, Do enter Me in the contest {smile}

  93. manendra says:

    Waiting for results on 1st Oct….

  94. Solomon says:

    Hopefully I win.

  95. Florian says:

    나에게 행운을 빌어 ! I marked the 1st of october in my calendar ^^

  96. Jaime says:

    1 plus one please

  97. Russell says:

    MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-0

  98. Agus Mahardika says:

    Join 😀
    I hope get lucky 🙂

  99. lakshmi narayana says:

    i am eagerly waiting for this..

  100. Jesus Bryant says:

    I want to get “HIGH ON ANDROID”!!!

  101. MUKESH YADAV says:

    I am loving this phones since I saw its specs so plzz I am waiting to be announced.

  102. Edward Mejia says:

    Im alredy subscribed!!!

  103. noneya says:

    The announcement is on my birthday , so can I have it please 🙂

  104. jaime Dominguez says:

    I hope I win this time max keep up the good work on rooting phones

  105. Stefano says:


  106. Abel says:

    I would most definitely love to win the one plus one I love android and high on android

  107. Shikhar Mangla says:

    I will surely win……believe me i am an asian!

  108. Bryce says:

    Just entered! I hope I win since my Note 2 is starting to crap out on me.

  109. Pin2high says:

    throwing my hat into the ring !!

  110. Rob says:

    Would love to win something for once and this would be the best one plus one

  111. Simon says:

    I have one already would like to get one for my brother.

  112. Daniel walas says:

    Im waiting for This giveaway

  113. Liam says:

    Fingers crossed for this!, was already subbed to you and the newsletter, subbed to the other channel..of a fellow UKer 😀

  114. Nassir says:

    I need this phone for my dad! 😀

  115. Kramer says:

    it would be amazing if i wont this drawing on october 1st. that’d be one great birthday gift for me on october 5th! just saying (:

  116. William Rotsaert says:

    Would love a one plus, but hope it doesnt explode on me!

  117. kasi viswanathan says:

    it seems to be awesome,, is orange is your favorite color too

  118. Ggfb20 says:

    Max, Dude! Sooooooo High (on Android). What are the odds? They just decreased by 1 because of me.

  119. Kevin McMahon says:

    Max, it’s my birthday month–>> the 13th, send 1 myway…

  120. Nuno Neves says:

    Did all. I’m feeling lucky.

  121. Mrtito32 says:

    Let’s see if I finally win something…

  122. gilbert walker says:

    this one is in the bag, might as well just pack it up and send it my way.

  123. Nick says:

    Awesome, keep up the good work Max, i’m a fan.

  124. abishekvarma says:

    i dont even have a working phone ,., my htc one x got fucked ,.. because of some flickering in the screen , motherboard issues ,,,., i need a phone , any phone in doesnt matter …. , please ,., ! 🙂

  125. Bunyamin says:

    I Hope I will won,because I really liked this phone and I don’t have much money to waste for a phone . 😉
    Really good job!

  126. Seacret Agent Brad says:

    You are the Man Max!!!

  127. Aaron says:

    Mine, mine, mine

  128. Edward says:

    This would be a great upgrade from my GS2. So ready to get HIGH! on Android

  129. John mathew says:

    hope i could win good luck peoples. Ihave been subscribing u for 2 yrs! hope i could win.

  130. Gareth says:

    Really hoping to win this – Send it down under to me in New Zealand so that I can get HighonAndriod!!!

    Love your videos.

  131. Christal says:

    What an opportunity…i would love to win one

  132. Bryant says:

    Been on the OPO Forums for a while hope I win so I can finally leave lol

  133. joseph says:

    I want that awesome piece of tech

  134. Big D says:

    I mean it’d be pretty cool if I won

  135. Dewa Arga Candra says:

    international giveaway

  136. Aaron says:

    I could really use that.

  137. D Thorne says:

    I really hope the one+1, ships fast to me, can’t wait to get it in my hands…

  138. Ruchir A says:

    I really want to WIN

  139. Lucian says:

    Good luck to all ! especially me 🙂

  140. Yogaraja says:

    Good Mobile… want to win it

  141. egbert says:

    great job awesome………………need one

  142. 5u says:

    Random looser comin through…..!!!

  143. 5u says:


  144. MIchael says:

    Hi zedomax im a huge fan of android and especially cyanogenmod and when i heard that cyanogen released a phone i was so exited but the problem is i dont have the invitation and even if i did i dont have the money to buy the phone so it would really mean allot to me to win this but good luck to everyone and cya !

  145. Ryan KW says:

    Whats’up Zedomaxx! I’m from Malaysia , Nice to see this event, Wish all the best to you and cya!

  146. Hector Muniz says:

    Looking forward to this contest.. Hope I win!! Regards

  147. ed says:

    hi Max,
    let me be lucky this time…
    i’ll hope i win this one+1 phone !
    i love it..
    greetz Ed

  148. Aakash says:

    Whether i win or not, just want to say that you guys are doing an awesome job.

  149. pu tahw says:

    subscribed. youtube (fionpu)
    twitter: pu tahw
    hoping to be a winner.
    thanks for share this great giveaway with us. good luck to everyone

  150. Sankalp Gupta says:

    Would love to have this amazing beast of phones 🙂

  151. Jackie says:

    Whoop whoop. Good luck everyone!

  152. peteywetey says:

    Would love to get my hands on this. Downgraded back to apple ever since my S4 went kaput. Toi, toi all!

  153. Sil says:

    OMG that PHONE!!

  154. Timpe says:

    Subscribed to all three, hope to win 🙂 fingers crossed 😛

  155. Sam Nicko says:

    i’m high on Android…it’s your fault MAX! but kinda i’m diggin it…LOT”S OF IT ^^
    Thanks for a chance to win this Beauty Flagship MAX ^^

  156. Laurens Wind says:

    Ah damn! What would i want to win this phone :O. I’m currently having the HTC One X+ for almost 2years, such upgrade would be so awesome!

    I was already subscribed to you, for a few years now. (Since your first video of the HTC EVO 3D series ^^, which was freaking awesome and helped me a lot with rooting and installing.) Anyway, keep up the good work Max! Your doing a great job. !!Stay High on Android!!

  157. Mufaddal Kanchwala says:

    Hey nice giveaway Max.. Good work..
    Please select me.. I am Indian I never win a giveaway..:(
    Please make this my first android device..:)
    Best of luck to everyone.. Hope to win!

  158. Mariya Tikiwala says:

    Fingers crossed.. I hope I win.. 😀
    Best of luck to all.. Thank you Max.

  159. Fatema Presswala says:

    wish i’d win… Never have won a giveaway/contest..
    I was told by my friend about this.. Best of luck to him n others..
    Can’t afford the One..:'(
    Thank you!

  160. Rishav Maiti says:

    I am very much excited !!!!!! 😀 Just waiting for 1 October, hope to win this contest …!!!! 😀

  161. vonakka says:

    let me win this one. haha

  162. Jereme Kuecker says:

    This would be great. If I could ever win anything, please let it be this.

  163. Justo says:

    Voy a estar feliz con mi nuevo celular si gano

  164. SKS says:

    Never won a dime. Trying over and over has been a part of my life. So, get busy living or get busy dying. One Plus One is the one phone that I can’t buy because I’m from a country where people at One Plus doesn’t ship to. So, I would be the happiest and luckiest guy to have it as a gift. Thank you you people on YouTube for regularly posting Giveaway Videos.

  165. shabbir says:

    thnx for the contest…never won anythng in a contest…hope to win this time 🙂 best of luck everyone

  166. Rodney Solomon says:

    here we go! Love that you guys are doing this! “give to tha needy!”

  167. Abe says:

    1+1= OnePlus One, would love to win

  168. Meeeee says:

    I hoppe ill win, thanks for this chance!!

  169. frank says:

    I need that phone lol ,,, your the best zedo

  170. Obaid.P says:

    OK, if i win, im gonna make

    !!!”high on android”!!!

    shirt and send it to you lol

  171. GijssieBeats says:

    cant wait for the winner to be announced hihihi

  172. Matthew Albrecht says:

    Hope whoever wins has fun with that beast of a phone.

  173. Daniel says:

    i am happy to pay the duty….. i wish i was picked.This my chance to get without an invitation and before the release in my country.

  174. Salem says:

    Thanks! Good luck all 🙂

  175. Ryan says:

    Subbed to everything, hope to win!

  176. wgpeter says:

    Yup, would love the One Plus One. Thanks for the opportunity.

  177. Stefan says:

    It’s so awesome you’re giving away a OnePlus One. If i win i finally can throw away my HTC Wildfire

  178. Stefan says:

    I want to say goodluck to everyone :D!

  179. Rouel says:

    Me please I just bricked my LG G2 and have been all over the internet trying to find a solution, lol, That phone would help

  180. Stefan says:

    I’ve a HTC Wildfire for a couple of years now, and it’s almost broken. The cover is almost broken, i’ve black/dead pixels in the center of the screen, my battery is on 5% after a hour or less and i can’t call or text with it. It would be great to win it

  181. Von says:

    Good luck everyone.
    Hope I win!!!

  182. vikas says:

    I hope I win this thing

  183. DJ says:

    I am definitely High on Android….! I couldn’t see myself ever owning an iphone, the only thing smart about the phone, was Steve Jobs bringing the idea to the table…other than that it will dull your mind! Had to throw that out there.

  184. scott morgan says:

    all 3 done
    i hope to win

  185. Steve Sitivi says:

    I’d love to win one in New Zealand!

  186. steve bustillos says:

    I’m feeling lucky lol good luck to us all one plus one here come

  187. Kirk says:

    subscribed to all! Hope to feel that long lasting battery life someday haha

  188. lizzy roome says:

    done all three steps 🙂 though I was already subscribed to some 😉 guess I need to comment to enter though, or what is the final step? pretty sure you’re not going to pull up subscription lists of all three and compare to see if they overlap and pick from those?

  189. Morten says:

    Have followed you for long time now.
    I do hope I will win, and then it must be shipped to Europe 🙂


  190. Atish says:

    Soon Finally Every Hope will be Crushed!

  191. shay says:

    Thank you Max for your kindness 🙂

  192. ggfb20 says:

    Just an hour and seven minutes before the announcement…. Good luck guys and gals. Thanks Max and team for the giveaway.

  193. Greg says:

    Got all 3 subscriptions! Come on oneplus!!!!

  194. Jeremiah Gmiah says:

    I been wanting one+one for a min! Specs are really good. Im all subscribed in there like swimwear! Thanks guys.

  195. Benevolence Kaunda says:

    Cool!! this should be interesting!

  196. Adrian says:

    Hi max Lee great YouTube channel keep up the good work. I hope a get a chance to win my FAVORITE SMART PHONE THE AMAZING ONE PLUS ONE. keep up the good work and god bless✴✴✴

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