Android Setup Wars #1 – LG G6 Giveaway!

In our first edition of Android Setup Wars, we will be giving away a brand, new LG G6 to one of the Top 6 entries to the Android Setup Wars. Since I couldn’t decide who should win the LG G6, we will simply do a random drawing between the Top 6 qualifiers to Android Setup Wars. If you missed our first Android Setup Wars, you can enter our next Android Setup Wars where we will be giving away Pixel 3.

The first entry comes from user Mate X.  He has a Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955FD dual-SIM Exynos model running the latest TeamExyKings LightROM which is an S9 ROM. He has successfully converted his Galaxy S8+ into a full-fledged S9+ through the use of a custom ROM.  His Galaxy S8+ also has dual speaker mod so he can enjoy stereo sound along with Dolby Atmos, both which come with the custom ROM.  Mate X is planning to re-map his Bixby button to something more useful as the custom ROM has an option to remap to other things like Google Assistant or the camera.  His S8+ also is running the TGP kernel, a custom kernel that improves the battery life over the default kernel that comes with the ROM.  Overall, I would have to say this is certainly high on Android, while many people are not too keen on custom ROMs, user Mate X has proved to us that he has taken his Galaxy S8+ to a whole another level with a custom ROM and a custom kernel along with new S9 features with the S9 ROM.


  • TeamExyKings ROM for Galaxy S8/S8+ – Link
  • TGP Kernel – Link

The second entry comes from user Jamani.  Jamai has turned his Galaxy Note 9 into a full-fledged laptop using Samsung Dex on a HP Lapdock. According to Jamani, “As I student I needed a good phone, nothing better than a Note 9 for taking notes. I needed a laptop like a Chromebook but a little more premium and more than just a web browser. I needed these things on the cheap because I am a poor high school student. The solution was Samung Dex. After doing some research I could use the enterprise Windows phone-to-laptop device, the HP Lapdock with the Note 9 Dex.”  HP Lapdock is a device initially built for Windows smartphones that allows them to be used as laptops. It features 1080P 12.5” display, backlit keyboard, B&O speakers, and weight of 2 pounds. While HP Lapdock is not designed for use with Samsung smartphones, you can use it by connecting a USB Type C cable and you will be able to use the screen, keyboard, and trackpad on the HP Laptop and fully convert your Note 9 into a laptop. This is definitely a great idea to convert your existing Galaxy Note 9 into a portable laptop, definitely some creative thinking from a poor high school student that will save him a bunch of money on a new laptop. I don’t think this will be the best laptop out there obviously but for the purposes of typing on a larger screen with portability, this is an excellent idea.


  • HP Lapdock – Link
  • XDA Thread about HP Lapdock – Link

The third entry comes from Lefteris, who says,

“I’m using Samsung S7 Edge with Latest Batman Rom. Rooted using your guide. My main launcher is Nova Prime, I have Zooper Widget and some custom animations and shortcuts to make my everyday use a “personal / custom experience”. Themed from Samsung store, wallpaper from Zedge. Custom notifications titles using “Tiles” app. “

This is another excellent example of a user who is able to upgrade an aging smartphone software himself by rooting, installing custom ROM, and using custom launchers and widgets. While I am personally guilty of not using enought after-market launchers/widget, this is a perfect example of how you can easily update your phone and customize it.


Batman ROM for Galaxy S7 Edge – Link

The fourth entry comes from Dan, who has the “ultimate” PubG mobile setup using a OnePlus 2. His OnePlus 2 is connecte to an LCD monitor wirelessly via Chromecast and also is cooled by a laptop cooler. His OnePlus 2 is running the Pixel Experience ROM(which also converts his OnePlus 2 into a Pixel 3) with Gravity Kernel that allowed him to overclock his CPU from 1.7GHz to 2.2Ghz along with GPU overclock of 450Mhz to 650Mhz. For power, Dan uses a powerbank to charge the phone and the laptop cooler. And also he has a dedicated game controller keys mapped using Octopus app.  He also has a second phone for watching YouTube, an LG G2 Mini running LineageOS 14.1 along with Kool Aid kernel that allowed him to overclock to 1.6Ghz from 1.2Ghz.  Definitely Dan is super HIGH on Android by installing custom ROM and kernel on older smartphones to get every ounce out of them. Custom ROMs are usually faster and by added custom kernel, Dan is able to get 20-30% more CPU/GPU performance through overclocking and cooling.

Pixel Experience ROM for OnePlus 2 – Link
Kernel – Link
Dual Speaker Mod – Link
LineageOS 14.1 for LG G2 Mini – Link
Kernel for overclocking – Link

Fifth entry comes from Zolika in Serbia. He has customized his UI with HD widgets that allows you to customize icons, text, background colors along with Nova Launcher Prime, and Zooper Widgets, OREO Icon Pack. He has even made a custom HighOnAndroid Robot Clock with Zooper Widget, that’s wicked! For keyboard, Zolika uses SwiftKey with a customized keyboard and Zolika says its built-in translation works great.



Lastly but not least, sixth entry comes from Greg Aul. He has a custom ROM called HyperDrive ROM installed on AT&T Galaxy S4, running Android 4.4.2. While this is an old ROM, AT&T Galaxy S4 is one of the hardest Samsung phones to root due to its locked bootloader. But Greg was able to use Safestrap to install the Hyperdrive ROM and successfully get it booting.  I am really impressed at the efforts put into older phones like this where there is less development, especially on AT&T models. And I do understand this process can take painstakingly long as I’ve actually written a tutorial for the process so I think Greg definitely deserves to be in our Android Setup Wars, thanks Greg!


Hyperdrive ROM for Galaxy S4 – Link

As you can see in some of the examples from our Android Setup Wars, modding Android can really improve the performance of your Android smartphone whether through rooting, custom ROMs, or apps, the only limit is your creativity.

Thanks again for watch the first episode of Android Setup Wars, you can find links to all the mods from the users on my site at The next Android Setup Wars will begin as of today, in second episode we will be giving away brand new Pixel 3.

The winner of this Android Setup Wars will be picked LIVE, so you know I have not rigged the contest, please watch out for a LIVE drawing of the winner in the next few hours. You do NOT have to be present to win but I am just doing it live so you guys know it’s fair and square.

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