Galaxy S10 Plus vs. OnePlus 6T In-Display Fingerprint Speed Test!

The latest Samsung flagship Galaxy S10/S10 Plus series have all-new in-display fingerprint sensor which is equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint reader which means it is more secure than the one on OnePlus 6T, which uses a camera to read your fingerprints. While this new technology is without a doubt more secure, how fast is it?

As you can see in my Galaxy S10 Plus vs. OnePlus 6T fingerprint speed test, OnePlus 6T proves to be much faster, almost instant while the S10 Plus lags by about a half a second. For those who have never used OnePlus 6T, you may not feel the difference so much but I have been using OnePlus 6T for many months and the 6T is definitely faster.

Now, another point is that the OnePlus 6T always-on-display always shows your fingerprint sensor position while the Galaxy S10 Plus hides it even with always-on-display on at all times. Samsung should update it so you can see the fingerprint sensor position at all times. While most of us will not have a problem with muscle memory of the fingerprint sensor position over time, there are older people or people who are just not good with their fingers who will have trouble unlocking the phone without seeing the actual fingerprint position.

Of course, I am ONLY comparing the speed in which these phones unlock the phones using fingerprint, I have turned off face unlock on both phones for this test. But overall, I don’t see a problem using it in daily life as face unlock works much faster for both phones and you will probably not use fingerprint sensor so much anyways. However, I am definitely not a fan of gimmicky in-display fingerprint sensor on both phones, I still prefer the back which is still much faster and also easier to reach with your finger.

I wish manufacturers start implementing both back and front fingerprint sensors, which is more practical instead of hyping up a new feature that we don’t really need other than it looks really cool.

Now, Samsung is working on an update so I will have an updated comparison but for now, I feel like in-display fingerprint sensors are just a fad that will go away by next year or at least I hope so.

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