Pocophone F1 vs. Xiaomi Mi 8 vs. Galaxy S9 Camera Comparison!


In this camera comparison, we take up the latest $300 Xiaomi Pocophone vs. Xiaomi Mi 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 to see if the cheaper $300 Pocophone can live up to flagship cameras.  For this camera comparison, I used many of the challenging low-light and street light situations that tests out the camera’s sensor and processing abilities.

Overall, I was rather impressed with how well the Xiaomi Pocophone kept up with both the Mi 8 and Galaxy S9.  The Pocophone seems to have identical camera sensor and camera lens as the Mi 8 as results were nearly identical in bright light but suffered in low-light from not having OIS like the Mi 8.   While you will still do much better with the Mi 8 or Galaxy S9, at $300, Xiaomi Pocophone delivers more value than any other smartphone on the market today.

You can download the original images here and and compare them yourself.


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