Galaxy Note Edge Unboxing!


Although I was not planning to get a Galaxy Note Edge because I felt like the edge screen wasn’t such a big deal, I ended up getting one during my visit to South Korea and really falling in love with the device.  The Galaxy Note Edge is a slightly-modified version of the Galaxy Note 4, which comes with an edge screen that allows you to access your app shortcuts, put news/stock tickers, use it as ruler/voice recorder, and even some more.  If you set your nighttime hours, the Note Edge will even act as a clock.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Edge is that because your default apps are placed on the edge screen, you have more room to use your main screen for something else.  While using the camera, the camera buttons are also placed on the Edge screen, allowing you to clearly see through your camera for taking photos.

Is it useful though?  Is it a feature useful enough you will use everyday?

You betcha it is.  Once you start using the Edge screen, you cannot stop using it.  I remember the first time trying the LG G3 and trying out the Power button on the back of the device.  At first it was really awkward but after couple days it became a feature I could not live without (hence G3 is one of my daily drivers along with Note 4).  Likewise, the Edge screen seems like a minute addition to a Note 4 but it’s really another feature you cannot live without.

When you receive SMS. notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social network apps, you will see the message show up on the Edge screen.  It’s really convenient because no matter what notifications you receive, you can see them and they do not interfere with whatever you are doing on the main screen.

Overall, this is definite a fun device to play with that comes with a  new “beta” technology on top of a Galaxy Note 4.  I would definitely prefer using the Edge over the Note 4.  I have been using the Note 4 as my daily driver for exactly a month so I could tell you that the Note Edge is like the Note 4 but much better.  I should have more videos about the Edge and comparison videos but in the meanwhile if you want to know which smartphone is best to get, the Note Edge might just be it.

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