Galaxy S3 Unboxing!

Here’s me unboxing Galaxy S3! I got this one on Amazon.

I think this is one of the best smartphones of year 2012 for sheezy.

Galaxy S3 Video Camera Demos:

Galaxy S3 1080P Video Test on Beach:

Galaxy S3 1080P Video Manual Focus Test:

Galaxy S3 1080P Video Auto Focus Test:

More 1080P video test:

Mole Crabs on Galaxy S3:

How to Root Galaxy S3 here:

3 Responses

  1. Rex says:

    Hey Max, I have a question about “wake” button on the face of the phone. I always keep my phone in my pocket. Does it ever wake up in your pocket? I’ve hit the power button on my EVO4g and EVO 4g LTE while I was taking it out of my pocket, so it is lit up when I get it in my hand but I’m kinda wondering how much of a problem I would have with a Galaxy S3.

  2. doug butler says:

    Ur video on rooting gs3 was very I had no trouble following along and ur wifi teather very help full.keep up the good that my phone is rooted I’m going to hold off on the s4

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