Galaxy S4 Wireless Remote Viewfinder!

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Another feature on the Galaxy S4 I found very useful is the Remote Viewfinder feature.

This feature allows you to use another Galaxy S4 as a “wireless” remote viewfinder for your Galaxy S4 or vice versa. Also you can use this feature with compatible Samsung products like Galaxy Camera. And I am sure this feature will be added to Galaxy S3 and Note 2 on the next software update.

Basically, you can create a “Wifi Direct” connection between two Galaxy S4s and use one of them as remote viewfinder. Currently, I am using my Galaxy Note 10.1 as a “wired” viewfinder for my Canon DSLR camera but I think this could eventually work on DSLR cameras too in the near future, that would be way cool.

And I am sure you can think of a very good reason to use this feature. Although I will probably not using it often it’s good to know that the technology is already available on my Galaxy S4.

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