How to Activate Moto X Pure on Sprint!


For those of you who haven’t heard, the latest Motorola Moto X Pure Android smartphone is an “all-carrier” phone that has GSM and CDMA radios to support all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon networks.  Not only that, the Moto X Pure also has 4G LTE bands for all carriers, meaning you will be able to use it on any U.S. carrier.

When I first got my phone, I was able to get voice, data/4G LTE working on all AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks just fine simply by swapping out the nano-SIM.  When I tried with my Sprint SIM, it didn’t work out of the box.   I called Sprint to find out what was wrong but they told me I needed to get a new SIM card.   I ordered a new SIM card on Amazon, thinking any new Sprint SIM card will work on the Moto X Pure.  Well that didn’t work either.

I visited my local Sprint store and they told me this phone cannot be used on Sprint network as it’s not available yet for Sprint.  After doing some online research, I found that you can get it working by using a SIM card from HTC One M9, which has the same frequencies as the Moto X Pure.  The Sprint SIM card I needed had a part number of “SIMGLW446C”, which I was able to buy one for about $10 at my local Best Buy.

Finally, I was able to activate my Moto X Pure on Sprint network with everything working including voice, data, and 4G LTE.   In all, it took me total of a whole week trying to get it working but it’s practically a mess out there as Motorola doesn’t tell you specifically which SIM card you need to get and Sprint agent/store rep are not all that knowledgeable in new phones that are not sold by Sprint.

So, you may go through this exact process of finding out that you need to get the correct SIM card for your new Moto X Pure.  To keep it simple, simply call Sprint and tell them you bought a new HTC One M9 and want to get a SIM card for that or tell them you need the SIM card with part number of “SIMGLW446C”.  They should send you one for free if you are already an existing Sprint customer but if you don’t want to wait a few days, you can also just go to your local Best Buy as they have loads of them.

After that, just press “*#06#” on your dialer to get your MEID and also grab your ICC ID number from your SIM card.  Those two numbers are all you need to activate your new Moto X Pure on Sprint, just use their online service or call them.  That’s it!

If you run into any Sprint reps that refuse to give you a new SIM card for whatever reason, send them a link to this article/video so they will help you get it.

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