iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 vs S6 Edge Screen Brightness Test! [LUX]


How bright is the screen on the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge?

We take on Android’s biggest rival the iPhone 6 and test out the screen brightness of flagship smartphones using our HighOnAndroid LUX light Test!

The results are rather interesting.  At full brightness manual setting, the Galaxy S6 Edge came out on top with 726 lux, followed by iPhone 6 at 717 lux, and Galaxy S6 at 678 lux.

Now, since the AMOLED screens on the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 get brighter in auto brightness mode outdoors, we took the same test outdoors in the sun with all the phones set on auto brightness.

Outdoors, the Galaxy S6 Edge scored 1145 lux, followed by S6 at 1070 lux, and iPhone 6 at 728 lux.  For iPhone 6, the brightness pretty much stayed the same.  For the S6 and S6 Edge, the auto brightness enabled its real full brightness, the S6 Edge is 59% brighter than iPhone 6 and S6 is 49% brighter than the iPhone 6.

There you have it, real results using our scientific HighOnAndroid LUX test.

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