LG G6 Ringke Case!

Hi guys, today we are going to do a quick overview of Ringke’s new LG G6 Case lineup. First off, we got the Ringke Air “Prism” Case, which has prism pattern on the back of the phone. The back of this case reflects a lot of light in many directions and the pattern also helps you grip the phone better for people with buttery hands. The patterns reflect light in a really cool way and I thought that was really awesome, I could watch this all day long.

On the bottom you will find a tab for your USB Type C connection to protect against dust and small particles. All of Ringke’s cases come with this tab and there’s even 3.5mm headphone jack tab on top of the case.  The case also has a smooth curve near the fingerprint sensor so you can easily slide your fingers when unlocking the phone. I really dig this Prism case, especially the back which can reflect light in a fun way.

Next up we got the Onyx Case, which comes with carbon fiber borders and matte back finish that helps against fingerprints sticking onto your case. This is a very nice combination of carbon fiber and matte back and I think this is my favorite Ringke case.

This case also have curved design near fingerprint sensor making it super easy to unlock your phone. Okay, this case is built well, feel very smooth in the hands due to the matte finish. Of course, on the bottom you got the flaps for USB Type C and on top for headphone jack. The lip of this case is definitely big enough to protect the screen in most minor drops. Overall, pretty nice case that is thin while protecting your LG G6 nicely.

If you are into transparent cases, you can check out Ringke Fusion case which is completely clear case. This case also allows you to easily design your own back with paper and customize the case design to your liking. You can use the template paper to design your own. This is definitely going to come handy for printing out photos of your family and friends and stick it on the back of the phone.

The case itself is very tacky to hold, grips very well and feels pretty good. You will find flaps just like all other Ringke cases. Now, I did find that this case does pick up a lot of fingerprints so that may be something to consider if you eat a lot of greasy food. Unlike other Ringke cases, the fingerprint sensor does not have the same curved edges. It also has smaller lip than Onyx and Prism but should still be big enough for most minor drops.

Lastly but not least, Ringke Air Case is a “smoke black” case that is similar to the Prism case without the pattern on the back. Ringke Air Case is very easy to hold and this one does have curved edges to easy fingerprint unlocking. I like that. Feels very good and this one also does pick up some fingerprints but not as much as the Fusion. We got flaps on the bottom with perfect cutouts for microphone and speakers. Top also has flaps for your headphone jack. Overall this is an excellent case for those of you who want to slightly darken the natural color of your phone.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with Ringke’s new LG G6 cases and they have been known to make some excellent thin cases with great protection so definitely check these out. If you are interested, hit up the product links in the description. Have a great day, hit the Thumbs up for me if you enjoyed this video and as always, stay “High” on Android.

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