LG G6 vs. Mate 9 Screen-On-Time SOT Battery Test!

For those of you wondering how long the battery lasts on the latest LG G6 vs. Huawei Mate 9, I did a quick HighOnAndroid SOT Battery Test last few days and confirmed that indeed both phones do fairly a good job.

First, LG G6 finishes at 6 hours 23 minutes, which is nearly identical to LG V20 battery results.   This makes sense since both phones have very similar display and battery technology.  While LG G6 couldn’t break the 7 hour mark, we give them props for improving upon their display and battery tech for LG V20 and G6.  All their previous phones like LG G5, G4, etc… have performed much worse.

Huawei Mate 9 breaks through a new record for Huawei phone, finished at 8 hours 57 minute mark, just 13 minutes behind Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynos model and 2 hours 30 minutes behind current king of SOT, the Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos model.  Huawei has steadily improved their SOT battery numbers through improvement in display tech and enlargement of the actual battery.  While Mate 9 only uses 1080P resolution, it is still very respectable number of a phone that lasts longer than most others.

Check out all the past results from our HighOnAndroid SOT Battery Test.


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