Moto X Pure Unboxing!


I felt like Motorola has always been a step behind with their Moto X line in the last two years.  Motorola introduced Moto X Pure this year though and I think they have done a terrific job of making a “flagship killer” at a price point that kills other flagships.

The new Moto X Pure is the U.S. edition of the international Moto X Style, finally bringing a phablet-sized phone to Motorola’s Moto X line.

With a 5.7-inch screen and a 1440P screen, the Moto X Pure is the larger brother of last year’s Moto X 2nd gen along with a whopping 21MP camera, IP52 water repellent coating, and a front-facing camera flash.  That’s right, this is the first Android smartphone to have a camera flash for the front camera and boy, selfie junkies are going to love this!

Above all, the price is right.  The Moto X Pure retails for $399 for 16GB, $449 for 32GB, and $499 for 64GB along with microSD card storage slot meaning you could get the 16GB and get away with a large microSD card.  And don’t forget, you can customized the colors, metal, and the back (bamboo, rubber, leather, etc) plus free engraving/boot up letters.

Battery is also right on with other phablets with 3000mAh capacity.  I am amazed by what Motorola is able to bring to the table for much less dollars than its competitors like Samsung, LG, and HTC.  I should have a full review of this device but for right now, my first impressions?  I am very, very, very impressed and would already say that this is the best Android smartphone you could buy this year in the $400-500 range.  (It’s definitely much better than OnePlus Two I think…)

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