Pixel 2 XL Unboxing & 24-Hour Review! [Black & White]

Although I ordered my Google Pixel 2 XL right as pre-orders were opened, I had to wait over 2 weeks to get my phone as the Black & White version wasn’t shipping until a few days.  While the wait was rather long, I had plenty time to play with the regular Pixel 2 and the wait was well worth it as I like the Black & White version much more.  The Pixel 2 XL is the bigger brother of Pixel 2 and I am really digging it, especially the curved design.

While many online reviewers are talking about the blue tint issue on the Pixel 2 XL, I have found it to be not a huge issue unless you are using your phone with someone else(like watching Netflix with your wife) all the time.  Think about it.  Why would I use my phone at an angle other than 90-degrees perpendicular to the screen?    Through my 24-hour usage, I found the blue tint to be not an issue.  Rather, it’s a technical specification that has been blown out of proportion.  While I could make a dedicated video and article on this just for views, that’s what may be is about, people trying to get views on an issue that could be controversial.  Well, enough of that.  Just trust me, blue tint never going to bother you so just ignore the news.

The phone itself is beautiful, feels great in the hands and it is awfully similar to the LG V30.  In fact, the actual screen size is nearly identical while its bezels are just slightly wider and taller than the V30.  Since LG made the Pixel 2 XL(while HTC made the regular Pixel 2), it does make sense they are similar.  LG is really stepping up their game this year and Pixel 2 XL is definitely another successful project.

The stereo front-facing speakers are super loud, one of the loudest I have tried.   Fingerprint sensor works fast and its cameras are the highest-ranked out of all smartphones out in 2017.   Apart from rankings, my camera tests reveal the advanced nature of Portrait mode for both front and back camera along with excellent stabilization(OIS/EIS).  Simply put, you can’t go wrong with Pixel 2 XL, especially give the fact that it runs 100% pure Android with no 3rd-party modifications such as TouchWiz.

Besides that, Pixel 2 XL is easily rootable and you can install custom ROMs to satisfy your desire to customize, one of the biggest features of the Pixel phones.  And no, Google does NOT penalize you for rooting, you can easily root and it won’t void your warranty.

In the short time I have tried the phone, I am definitely in love with the Pixel 2 XL.   This is definitely one of the best phones to get this year, you won’t regret it.

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