S-View Flip Cover w/ Wireless Charging for Note 4 Review!


Probably the coolest case for the Note 4 is the S-View Flip Cover with Wireless Charging.  (It’s also available for Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S4)

The S-View Flip cover will replace your existing back cover. Simply pop off your old one then pop in the new S-View cover.  The case itself is very durable and will protect your phone very well. The S-View cover build quality is durable and sturdy. I’ve seen many cheaper S-view covers that were made by 3rd parties but the the build quality is like night and day. S-view cover fits your phone perfectly and makes your phone even more luxurious.  Flip cases like this in general are the best in protecting your phone’s screen in your pockets against small scratches from keys and whatnot. You will be able to unlock the case automatically when you open the cover, saving you the hassle of adding more grime on your phone by swiping.



The wireless charging is awesome. You will need a Qi-compatible wireless charger, I do recommend the CHOE charger which is rated at 5V/1A output to give you the fastest charging and only costs like 22 bucks on Amazon.  This Note 4 case is going to protect your phone well whether you drop it on the screen side or the camera side. It’s a very nice case. It really turns your phone into a Notebook. I used to not like this but after trying it on my Note Edge lately, I kinda fell in love with it and highly recommend this.  And your phone is not complete without the S-View case.

In the main display, you will see the clock, weather, number of steps if you are using the pedometer on it, quick access to camera, time, date, and couple features.  S-View cover comes with just a few shortcuts like calling your favorite contacts, enable the flashlight, measure your heart rate, and access the S-View settings to customize your S-View.  For settings, you will be able to set different styles of clock, change the wallpaper, and select which items to show including camera shortcut, weather, pedometer, and floating messages.


When you receive text messages, your S-View screen will automatically turn on. You can then swipe to read the message and also call back the person who sent you the message.


When you receive calls, you can easily answer them right from the S-View screen without turning your phone on. You can even send an automatic text message back if you are driving or in the middle of something. If you miss calls, you will be able to easily see all of your missed calls and call back all from the S-View screen.


If you use your phone as an alarm, you will be able to snooze and get the rest of your beauty sleep. And if you are listening to music such as Pandora or using your Music player, you will be able to easily pause or skip to the next song and view what’s playing without wasting your screen power.

With S-View case, you will be able to save a ton of battery life as you are only using maybe 40% of the screen.
This may not sound like a lot of features but if you tend to make/receive lots of calls/text messages, it can save you a ton of battery life as you will never need to turn on the whole screen. Your display takes up over 90% of your battery consumption and by using only 40% of this, it can free up to a lot of extra battery for other stuff.


Probably the favorite of the S-View case is that you can access the camera very quickly. You will be able to take photos or videos easily with just one hand. This will also save you battery life as you are using less than half the screen. The one handed position also stabilizes your phone better than two hands as you are able to hold a big portion of the screen.



This comes in real handy if you ever need to reach out over something like a cliff or edge to take a photo, this one-handed mode could definitely get you the shot you want. And yes, although Note 4 does have a rear-cam selfie mode, with the case you will be able to take great 16mp rear-cam selfies quickly.

S-View cover is also available for many other phones including the Galaxy Note 3Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S4. And if you want a nice sturdy case along with extra features and save battery, S-View cover is perfect for that.


The only thing missing?

I wish you can play some games on here like BlackJack. I tend to play it very often and there’s many games that doesn’t require the power nor space of your whole screen to play. And I wish there were more apps. But for right now, it serves it’s purpose, protecting your phone and saving some good amount of battery life.

Of course, it’s not for everybody but if you haven’t tried it yet, definitely give it a test drive and I think you guys will love it. Definitely high-quiality stuff from Samsung and really makes your phone whole.

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