Why You Should Buy the Galaxy Note 2! [MultiView]

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For those of you wondering what is the best smartphone of the year 2012, it’s without a doubt the Galaxy Note 2.

Nevermind all the cool things you can do with the S-Pen or the large 5.5-inch screen that allows you to use it as a tablet device too, the multi-view, true multi-tasking feature on the Note 2 is just mind-blowing and beats everything else on the market!

7 Responses

  1. Silent Bob says:

    any way to get this feature on a Nexus 7?
    I would imagine it would be powerful enough, and it certainly has enough screen for it.

  2. neosynthesis says:

    Hi Max, this was such a great demo of the multitasking feature that some how all other big sites reviewers have missed! even though honestly, i think most of your reviews are less savvy than the pro journalist centric reviewers with better video production, script and speech clarity, this review of yours really trumps the other reviewers on the Note2 because you provided another compelling reason for everyone to desire this device whether they are apple fans, windows fans, or smaller phone fans! and somehow, only you got this! so thank you, Max!!!

    BTW, can you do a video of how to make this multitasking happen on a GS3 with hacks as you alluded to in this vid? i’m sure many of your viewers will appreciate this! thank you, Max!

  3. Kasra Bahmanyar says:

    I agree it’s amazing but definitely not best smartphone of 2012. it’s not even a smartphone it’s a phablet
    and most people will find the size disturbing(imagine if you had coffee or whatever in your left hand and your trying to use your note 2. you’ll get laughed at! galaxy s3 all the wayyyyy.

  4. Sean Wayne says:

    I disagree with some people saying it’s too big. I just picked up one last week and it is truly an awesome device. Besides, as you can see through all of Max’s vid/work, I do all kinds of things on it so who cares about making phone calls? I don’t…..

  5. Navin says:

    On a side note, AT&T version of Note 2 doesn’t have multi view feature yet. Verizon version of Note 2 has multiview with limited app, where you can’t add/delete additional apps like youtube or app of your choice. Tmobile version has compelling numbers of useful apps on their multiview.. and there are custom roms running on NOTE 2 which allows you to do whatever you like with multiview and lot of other features of the phone. Max doing review on Note 2 multiview doesn’t reflect same functionality of all note 2 devices out there in the market right now.

  6. Steve says:

    Great video! I have subscribed you on youtube. One question: how do you get more apps into multitask sidebar? I tried to drag app to the sidebar but it didn’t allow me to do that. It seems there is only space for 7 apps. My note 2 is on verizon.

  7. D.Combs says:

    Love it. I get kind of irritated when doing slit screen to me it would look better on a bigger tablet or phablet so I went and got the 8.0 universal 3G model and it looks great and I still got my note 2 on stand by.

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