Gear S2 Unboxing & Review! – Is it too SMALL?


Samsung’s latest flagship smartwatch Gear S2 launched officially today.  This is Samsung’s first attempt at a circular smartwatch and it comes with a navigational dial to help you navigate through the apps.

First off, the Gear S2 has surprisingly small screen, smaller than any other smartwatches on the market today.   This smaller form factor may be a deciding factor in buying the watch in the first place.  If size matters to you, Gear S2’s screen may be too small for you to use.  While the original Gear S had almost double the screen size, the Gear S2 is a totally different animal that has much smaller screen with much smaller resolution.

But if you don’t care about the size or perhaps you are an active person who needs a watch for running, jogging, or cycling, the Gear S2 could be the perfect match for you.  Gear S2 comes loaded with more health apps to help you track your calories, steps, and even your water/caffeine intake.  The watch itself has been designed so you can easily navigate through infinite number of apps in circular fashion with its “dial”.

The watch itself is also very smart and only turns on the screen when you are looking at it.  Although Gear S uses Tizen OS instead of Android Wear, I have to admit it does have some rather interesting features you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.  Also it is fully compatible with any Android smartphone or iOS devices so you are no longer limited to using Samsung phones only.

Overall, Gear S2 seems like a great watch so long as you don’t mind the smaller screen size.  I should have a full review of it after using it for couple days but for right now, I do like the Gear S2 having different features from regular Android Wear and I think it will make the smartwatch world better in the long run with a watch like this.

For pricing and availability of Gear S2, click here.

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