Galaxy Tab S3 Unboxing!

I haven’t found a reason to use a tablet for a few years so I haven’t really used them much.  But recently, I did find a need for tablet, especially navigating cryptocurrency trading sites, which have a lot of small buttons and options in its desktop version.  While I can use my Galaxy S8 Plus(my daily driver) to get my trades done, it was simply not efficient as my desktop computer but I needed something like a tablet that would help me trade on the go.  Besides that, I have started also reading e-books and obviously tablet helps with reading a lot more than my phablet.   So, I got a new tablet, all for the purposes of getting something done such as trading and reading.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is probably the best Android tablet around(or the best tablet ever), especially since you can make use of its pressure-sensitive S-Pen, which is better than anything else out there.  Whether you are navigating complex desktop sites myself or you need a virtual drawing board for your latest art sketches, Tab S3 gives you exactly that and much more.  As soon as I got this tablet, I inserted my 256GB micro-SD card to increase my storage from the 32GB to total of 288GB, which is great for storing your movies, photos, and other files.  And big surprise, while unboxing I found 4 speakers that are very loud and give you that surround sound.

While I have not been using tablet for many days and found it very boring, this new Tab S3 will definitely get my interest back into it and looking forward to getting more productive.  I should have a full review of this bad boy but for right now, I am loving the glass back and the S-Pen.  I just only wish Samsung would have made the S-Pen an integral part of the tablet like my last Samsung tablet, the Note 10.1.

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