Here’s a list of recommended CM11 ROMs for various different devices:

These are “snapshots”, much more stable than nightlies:

CM11 ROM “M10” Snapshots

CM11 ROM “M9” Snapshots

Don’t see your device?  Check CyanogenMod’s snapshot page here for more devices.

63 Responses

  1. brian says:

    looks greet but can not see rom for htc one s 3 ( ville 2 ) is there one ?????

  2. mohit says:

    i want cm11 for samsung galaxy s4 i9500

  3. Hala naidu says:

    Is there cm11 for sm n900?

  4. steve martinez says:

    is there a cm11 for the galaxy note i717?

  5. Anguraj says:

    is is support dual sim android phones?

  6. Davinder s says:

    Hey Max in trying to get this on my galaxy tab 3 gt-p5210 which cm should I choose? Tried the s4 but got failed in twrp

  7. samir says:

    i couldn’t find galaxy wonder gt8150

  8. gigeaky says:

    can i use any cm based rom (like sokp) or just pure cm?

  9. Danial Smith says:

    hey… what about galaxy ace? got Cyanogen for Ace? :3

  10. Nizaam says:

    Is there a proper cm11 ROM for Note10.1 GT-N8000 because there is one but its not flashable

  11. Theo says:

    Is there a CM ROM for Asus Zenfone 5?
    if not can any of the above listed ROMs be used on zenfone 5?

  12. Hector says:

    Do I have to update the bootloader on a Galaxy S3 before installing CM1?. I have and rooted S3 with stock android 4.1.1, baseband I747UCDLK3 and Clockworkmod There are a lot of roms out there that will not load with the old bootloader.

  13. Richard Maor says:

    Hey i used ur method to get oneplus one on my sprint s4 and it worked amazing!!! props for that!!! however i started taking nightlys and it seems ive lost the oneplus one theme… can i just flash the “conversion kit” via recovery to bring it back?

  14. Richard Rogers says:

    Is there a cm11 for sprint L720 ? I want to do the one plus one conversion. Base band 4.4.2 rooted?

  15. Rafa says:

    Since the i9500 CM M9 file won’t work with the jfltexx, is it still possible to do this with that model? Latest CM11 build for the jfltexx is or a M3 snapshot.

  16. Junkie007 says:

    Can i mod my Lafone s58 with CM ROM??And later try one plus one!??

  17. Rush2112 says:

    Hi Max,
    Can you tell if its working on my htc desire 601 ?

  18. Muhammed Kadir says:

    Hi there,
    Do we have any tweak that can mirror screen wireless? Like “Screen Mirroring” on Samsung devices. I want to install CM11 on my i9300 because of its speed and root but I am afraid of battery and camera issues.

  19. Carlos C. says:

    Hey Max
    Where can I get lean kernel for galaxy note 3? Currently running cm11 (4.4.4) 11-20140708-SNAPSHOT-M8-hlte

  20. Praveen Kumar says:

    I hope you good, Sir I have Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082. Before my phone jelly bean 4.2 but I wanted to upgrade my with kit kat 4.4.4 version, so I saw the video and followed the all instruction. I had done install latest version of CM11 and gapps but I feel not good this apps I want official Kitkat 4.4.4 which is built installed by the factory version in S5 so send me the official factory version.
    please sir mail me above the address, What should I do.

  21. sandeep k shrestha says:

    I dont find cm11 page for my lava iris pro 30

  22. tammy s says:

    Hi i have been reading and trying several things to improve my samsung glaxy ace s5830i. I an really amazed w/the oneplusone phone features. Can you help me have it on my phone?

  23. vinoth says:

    How to get Nuclea N1 From Iberry 8GB model.

  24. Piyush says:

    i flashed CM11 M9 on note 2(gt-n7100 non-LTE)using CWM. everything went like nw i hv a prblm with screen wake up. as i lock it or wen it automatically go to sleep,it does NOT RESPOND to ANY BUTTONS. I hv to like reboot the phone or connect charger to get screen on. any fixes?? did u come across such problm?

  25. J.J. says:

    I have a epic 4g touch (sph-d710) currently running 4.1.2. Trying to upgrade to the kit kat 4.4.Can you point me in the direction of some really easy videos on how to do it please? Thanks aot

  26. einjelhart says:

    is there any c11 available for i717 note?

  27. Haytham says:

    hi max after i download the CM s4 rom coming GPA rom i relized everything works great but i cant make my pebble connected with the device or if it connected the pebble app freeze like ice and i have to unpair my pebble and try to reconnected again any help…. please

  28. sukhdeep singh says:

    cm11 for sony xperia tipo ( st21i) please give me downloading link

  29. aric says:

    Hei max.,’
    Is cm11 available for Micromax canvas fun a74
    ..plz tell me

  30. kian lebron orlino says:

    hi maxx,i installed CM 11 M10 snapshot on my note 3 then my phone starts to reboot maybe 5 times already when i install there any fix for this?.thanks

  31. Rahul says:

    Hi Max,
    I have an SIM unlocked AT&T Note 2 running JB 4.1.2. Since its unlocked, I’m unable to get any official updates to kitkat. Does flashing official firmware of n7105 on my note 2 work? or should I go with CM11?

  32. Anas says:

    Hi max are there a cm11 rom for htc desire 310 duel sim???

  33. Praveen Kumar says:

    Hey guys anyone help for latest CM11 or anymore update for Samsung Grand Duos GT-I9082. which latest google apps to the support.

  34. Furqan says:

    I’m having an error on my nexus i9250, the cell phone doesn’t take screen shots.. It says, can’t capture screen shots, storage may be in use.
    Is there any solution. ????

  35. vamsi says:

    my mobile is lava iris402
    android 4.2.2
    kernel version 3.4.5
    with internal storage of 256 mb
    what is the rom that work in it can you please help me
    im stucking with this..

  36. kevon says:

    ok was wondering if i ccould get back samsung link(all share) back on to my phone… i have the samsung galaxy s3 tmobile running cm11 SNAPSHOT M12?

  37. John wesly K says:

    I am using a rooted lenovo p770, I want to use cm11 ROM on my device, can I install any one of the above mentioned ROMs, if not how, and where to download ROM?

  38. Brenon says:

    i want CM 11 for xiaomi redmi 1s

  39. nithil says:

    I want cm 11 for sony z1

  40. Darbel says:

    is CM11 available for ZTE Blade III ??

  41. ANIS says:

    this will work on samsung gt-i8262?

  42. rmn911 says:

    will it work on htc desire 610? i want this rom for my cell

  43. wadson pessanha says:

    do you have any ron for tablet SM-T331 , or what rom I can use in my tablet SM-T331 ?

  44. Wayne Dass says:

    with at&t s4 sgh-i337, 4.4.2 rooted and on safestrap, the cm 11 m10 snap shot for my phone crashes, it says “unfortunately, the process has stopped” this happens after the load up screen, in the faded backround u see welcome to cyanogenmod, if someone would kind enough help out ah friend lol im kinda new at this also

  45. Harshit Dhoot says:

    will this work on samsung galaxy core gt i8262?
    plz reply as soon as possible

  46. yash says:

    Is CM12 available for note 3 neo (SM-N750)

  47. Damien Ferguson says:

    Are there any firmware’s existing with GT-I9515?

  48. caleb says:

    ok i have a galaxy tab pro 8.4 wifi tablet that says i have no os when i try to reboot it while i am in the twrp recovery thing i dont know what im doing i need to find the rom i needto us to put on my tablet thanks

  49. NHL says:

    Hey man,help me with my lg l80!!!
    Would i have any cm11 or 14 or lineage os

  50. Ayon says:

    i want cm11 for samsung-sgh-I717

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