Download Android 5.1 Lollipop Gapps!

For Android 5.1 or 5.1.1, you will need a compatible Gapps for your custom ROM.  The following Android 5.1 Lollipop Gapps includes:

  • Android 5.1 and 5.1.1 support
  • Google Play Services 7.3.26
  • Google Play Store 5.4.12
  • Google Search App/”OK Google” everywhere feature
  • FaceLock for SmartLock
  • Fully compatible with CM12 and CM12.1 ROM
  • Fully compatible with any Android 5.1 or Android 5.1.1 custom ROM

These are minimal Gapps so you don’t get all the extra Google bloatware you don’t need, you can download any other Google apps using Play Store after installing!  You can install apps like Google+, GMail, Google Maps, etc… on the Play Store after installation.

These Gapps are 100% compatible with CM12, CM12.1 and other Android 5.1, 5.1.1 custom ROMs.


Download Android 5.1 Lollipop Gapps 4-21-15  – Download (Works for all Android smartphones and tablets!) [LATEST VERSION]
Download Android 5.1 Lollipop Gapps 3-14-15 – Download (Works for all Android smartphones and tablets!)

Credits – EuroSkank

138 Responses

  1. Thepro says:


  2. 4Buffs Productions says:

    I go tօ see daily a feա sites and sites tto гead articles оr reviews,
    еxcept tɦis webpage gives feaature based articles.

  3. hashmil says:

    I get a Status 7 error message when trying to install this. Any solution for this? can’t seem to find anywhere i have searched :-/ (trying on a HTC One X, with the Resseruction Remix lollipop ROM.)

  4. Kamran Rubab says:

    S pen not option why??

  5. Kamran Rubab says:

    Max Lee I like it you’re all custom ROMs beautiful working

  6. Justin White says:

    error 7 is due to cwm you must use twrp to flash

  7. Matt Carter says:

    Would this work with the ZTE ZMax I haven’t changed os on an android for a while N thinking of doing on this phone. I like kit Kat but would like a change. This Kat

  8. Tony Lupsa says:

    Flash through recovery

  9. Brandon Jamieson says:

    hi i just flashed the gapps for my galaxy note 2 and they keep crashing could someone help me please

  10. Kevin Wardenier says:

    It does not work on CM12.1 for Motorola Moto G 4G (peregrine / xt1039). What you need there is GAPPS5.1.x, minimal version by jajb.
    If you’re having problem problems with this gapp (error messages the whole time, thus no access to anything), try that gapp version.

  11. asaka145 says:

    failed to update 🙁

  12. MotoG2User says:

    great! Thanks!

  13. Ghaith Al Hami says:

    thanks for the gaps

  14. Marf says:

    thanks for currupting my filesystem. Soft bricked (phone is workng agian after odin repartation.)

    • Josh Dwight says:

      Only because you apparently didn’t know what you were doing… These files worked fine for me.. you apparently were not using correct GApps for your running version… these are for 5.1 ONLY

  15. Noun says:

    shame of this site.

  16. Nitesh Kumar Bikkumalla says:

    Does it work in redmi note 4G

  17. mindy lewis says:

    Can I get this for droid turbo

  18. Shantanu says:

    Hey just downloaded that gapps zip and my galaxy s3 says goggle services stopped working ….

    what to do ? ?
    i am doing this for the first time .

    • djd says:

      Android lollipop full of bugs. Don’t ever think of install it.

      • Josh Dwight says:

        Android Lollipop is fine. The problem is that these are the Google Apps (hence name GApps). When you flash a rom, you generally want to flash the Google Apps that correspond to the version of Android you are running. These are the Google Apps for anyone running Android 5.1… If you flash this to your current Rom and it’s not the correct version, you will likely break things…

  19. Abdou Ceesay says:

    i need know how to download lollipop files n install it on you android device,
    i need briftly explanation step by step

  20. Abdou Ceesay says:

    can you please tel lme wich site, that i can download the lollipop file

  21. Nidal Abrar says:

    Gapps Minimal Edition for 5.0 and 5.1 work fine

  22. Alex Devil says:

    dose it work in intex aquay2

  23. jacorey williamson says:

    I need help none of my Google apps work I can’t even sign into an account my phone had to be rested well that’s what it said can someone tell me how to fix this

  24. debashis says:

    I have Nextab phone will it work on that??

  25. Μάνθος Αποστολίδης says:

    Does it work in Samsung Galaxy S3??

  26. kalyan says:

    is it work for honor bee

  27. kanti Prajapati says:


  28. Ranbir Singh says:

    Hay bro how to cm12 file download for htc d526g+ help me plzzzz

    • Josh Dwight says:

      Go to XDA Developer Forums > Search for your device > Search for Clockworkmod Rom to see if it is available for your device. Not all Roms are compatible for all phones…

  29. Jadeja Jayhackex says:

    I m downloading gaaps 3

  30. Puva says:

    just downloaded it. how do i install it

  31. Richard McDoanld says:

    could someone give me the instructions to flash my Samsung galaxy tab 3, model # gt-p5210, rom. The screen is always flickering sometimes I cant see anything. I think flashing the rom will correct the problem.

  32. Henry Ly says:

    Is it a nano, pico, or stock package?

  33. °~° says:

    I’m not 😛

  34. Edan Jamieson says:


  35. Josh Dwight says:

    I would like to add that if they don’t know what recovery is, or have it installed, they should probably not even be attempting to install it…

  36. Josh Dwight says:

    But not the download from this particular page… these are Google Apps… that will not fix your graphics issues…

  37. Josh Dwight says:

    Actually most people that make these files aren’t going to reply because they’ve already posted instructions in XDA Developer forums… People need to learn how to Google search for these things… if you cannot use a search engine to find what you’re looking for, the last thing you should be doing is attempting to flash your phone with files that you do not understand what they do to your phone… There are people flashing Google Apps thinking it’s Lollipop…

    • gabe80million says:

      Well, I’m sorry I broke your heart. XD Anyways, yeah. I knew what I was doing, I just said that to let them know they should help people that don’t understand.

  38. Josh Dwight says:

    You are a brave man.. lol you just opened yourself up to all kinds of spam…

  39. Chimzy Mulekele says:

    can someone help how to flash acer z630. I want to bypass google verification

  40. Joey says:

    Does it work lenovo a269i ?

  41. ToothyGrinn says:

    Why cant we get these things in tar format ???

  42. DLosVato says:

    If you have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SPH-L900) then don’t be a fool like me and try to install the GApps 5.1! They didn’t link the right one above to download, but remember you are getting Lollipop 5.0.1 with this ROM not 5.1. Get the CORRECT GApps=GApps Minimal Edition 2015-04-04 for Android 5.0.x (90 MB). Otherwise, you will get a “google play services stopped working error” and have to click [ok] over and over and over again until you get into settings>apps>all, and find google play services and disable it! You have to be FAST with the clicks and it SUCKS! Finally got the error to stop? CONGRATS! Afterwards, go to Settings>(Personal) System Profiles. Then click the gear icon next to the “Default” profile and scroll down to Data Connection and change to “turn on”. This will then allow you to fix the error by loading the correct GApps 5.0.x onto your phone through your PC/USB connection and then start the process over. Hope this helps someone and saves them some time. May you never have to go through the click gauntlet HELL that is google play services stopped working.

    • Νικόλας Κατσαρέλης says:

      I have installed the exact version of gapps you told us I hope it works 🙂
      I understand ALL THAT EFFORT was pain in the ass 😀 oh yep it works thanks 🙂

  43. Guillermo says:

    I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and installed minimum Gaaps and now the GPS and Phone doesnt work… IMEI is gone doesnt recognize the sim card… nothing !!!!

  44. Romeo says:

    Hi! i have phone cell Padgene Vogue 6 for rom 4.4.2 i need rom please

  45. Hamxa Sajjad says:

    i want upgrade manualy q mobile x 900
    android 4.4.1 to 5.1
    is it possible???

  46. André Ferreira says:

    guys, anyone knows if there is a rom for samsung galaxy grand neo duos plus ( gt-i9060i) with lolippop or greater???
    plz help…

  47. sheven18 . says:

    I don’t have play store with this version of gapps

  48. VanTGM //TheGoldenMiner says:

    Can I Downgrade from 6.0 to 5.1 Because 6.0 sucks

  49. Athman says:

    Its so good

  50. Enzo says:

    Hola me llamo enzo

  51. younes says:


  52. srikanth says:

    Vivoy51L latest version

  53. R.n.shukla says:


  54. Mak says:

    need help in Flashing Vido A530

  55. fresy says:

    tnks its work 4 me u save my phone..hehehhe

  56. pogi says:

    how get update file plssss answer isnt play mobile legend cause comptible this version kittak 4.4.2

  57. darlington says:

    Can i install 5.1.1 on my huawei tab s7 4.3 android version

  58. bikar412 says:

    My phone KitKat and i lollipop varsion 5.1

  59. Binoy says:

    hi, i downloaded the android v 5.1 version rom from this website i did’nt install the rom and i want to know that this rom will work properly on any android phone
    I had panasonic p66 mega will work the rom.

  60. adex says:

    Pls how can i get this 5.1 gapps?

  61. derrrick perez says:

    i have a g7 huawei and i need to flash it. it can”t connect to WiFi or Bluetooth bascially has all kinds of issues.
    please send me a link of the rom i shd uses to flash it .
    or is there a universal rom that can work on all andriods

  62. SanB says:

    Will this android work on Sony Bravia Android TV?

  63. srinu says:

    samsung j1 4g 2016 model getting error meta-inf binary update while flashing g-apps

  64. koshis says:

    hi friend .my phone is jalley bean . if possible update android 5 or more ? root is need or not?

  65. Tawanda says:

    Hi Can I update mobicel v 5.0 to 5.1

  66. Tawanda says:

    My mobile is not tuning on I tried more than 10 times to wipe data bot not wrk help me please

  67. wisut says:

    Android 5.1

  68. Aashish says:


  69. jack mwa says:

    how do i install that file on my phone

  70. Aaron Vilakazi says:

    How to upgrade as a smart cloud tv android 4.4.2 KitKat to android 5.1.1 lollipop

  71. Greta says:

    Hmm. Link sent me to apkquick and can’t seem to find the 5.1 gapps anymore. :/ Any safe mirrors still active?

  72. makozo says:

    mon telephone ne me donne pas l’interface d’utilisateur model lgms631 alors comment regle ce problemme

  73. Deepanshu says:

    Please,,,, tell how to update my andriod TV version manuly 4.4 to 5.1

  74. สนธยา ยั่งยืน says:


  75. KELLY says:

    how can I download the software

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