ODIN is a program used for rooting, installing custom recoveries, and installing stock firmwares for Samsung smartphones and tablets.

This is a program that can be run on any Windows computer.  You will need the latest ODIN V3.10.6 to root latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  This ODIN is also backward-compatible with older Galaxy devices.


Download ODIN V3.10.6

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  1. Pa Tricio says:

    I keep getting a different md5 every time I download. I get this: 0a0b76ceb721a89a65d1d2cbb8ed1b89

  2. will says:

    I’m an at&t customer. I bought a Verizon note 4 from a co-worker(he upgraded to the note 5) the note 4 was working briefly with my at&t sim. Now every time I go to mobile networks and try to change network mode, “error while searching for network” pops up. My co-worker and I have contacted Verizon and at&t to make sure imei was clear and sim unlocked. I’ve changed SIM cards as well as factory reset the phone twice. Still same issue “error while searching for network” do you have any solutions for this problem?

  3. Josh says:

    None off this shit works all bullshit tryed it all doesn’t WORK

  4. younes says:

    formqti s6 edge plus

  5. Nichoal Slone says:

    Pain in the ass

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