Is removable battery and micro-SD card absolutely necessary?

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  1. roshan says:

    to develop technology to 0 size we need to forget sd card and battery

  2. thadjudda1 says:

    I never carry a extra battery

  3. MarioFan295 says:

    i only need *BUILT-IN* usb otg support, and im good to go

  4. Dominic Cordrey says:

    I don’t think either are necessary. Wireless harddrives and like Mario says “OTG” are available as well as the fast charging + Qi.

  5. Ronnie DiMaio says:

    I need a removable battery but not an SD Card.

  6. Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

    I need both because batteries only last for a year or two and needs replacement. A micro sd card slot because i keep a lot of backups and HD videos

  7. Gerik Melvin says:

    i feel i need both because i plan on my next phone lasting some time so ill replace the battery and the sd card ios cheap storage o i can store manny movies and stuff

  8. Santhiratan Mandyam says:

    I wont get any phone without microsd card and removable battery.

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