Best 4G LTE in Las Vegas? [AT&T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. Verizon vs. Project Fi][Wynn Hotel]

Looking for the best 4G LTE in Las Vegas?  In today’s video, I talk about the best 4G LTE speeds in 2018 from my own personal experience and also speed tests from the Wynn Hotel, which has horrible 4G LTE coverage in the rooms and ton of dead zones.  While that speed test isn’t reflective of overall Vegas, I also cover which network is best from my experiences using all 5 networks all over Las Vegas.

If you live in Las Vegas or planning a trip here, these 4G LTE experiences and speed tests may help you finding the best network for you.  Now, I have a account on all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and Project Fi, and I test them all constantly so this information should be more accurate then biased information from any of the networks.

  1. Verizon has the best 4G LTE network in my 20+ years of visiting Las Vegas over the years.   If you absolutely need best coverage and best download/upload speeds, Verizon will give you that.  I currently have Verizon 4G LTE Unlimited service and for those of you who need to fastest internet everywhere in Las Vegas, this is the best carrier I recommend.  Now, Verizon phones are CDMA-based and they have locked bootloaders meaning you will be stuck with phones that cannot be rooted so be aware of that beforehand. (Now, if you get unlocked Pixel phones like the Pixel 2, you will be able to root and one of the best phones to get on Verizon for rooting.)
  2. Sprint has been improving a ton around Las Vegas area and I would recommend Sprint as second best option.  Now, Sprint is also CDMA-based and you will have locked bootloaders on many phones unless you go with Pixel phones.
  3. AT&T used to be pretty good, usually good as Verizon but I have noticed their coverage and speeds have gotten worse over the years.  For Las Vegas, AT&T is not bad but nowhere near Sprint and Verizon.
  4. T-Mobile is actually pretty good overall in Las Vegas but T-Mobile also has one of the worst indoor speeds.  In my speed test at the Wynn Hotel, T-Mobile wasn’t even able to complete a speed test due to its network just not working.   Interestingly, I cannot access internet while getting full 4G+ LTE signals.  Best 4G LTE signals don’t always mean fast speeds as you can see.  I have been seeing a lot of throttling from T-Mobile and their network may be getting overloaded.  While T-Mobile does get much higher speeds in general Las Vegas(10-30Mbps), their coverage is very spotty especially indoors and places like the Wynn where there are dead zones(pretty much hotel rooms don’t get any signal).

Now, I noticed 4G LTE coverage and speed tests change every year as sometimes networks get clogged(like T-Mobile in this case) or upgrade their towers so I will keep updating you guys with the latest speed tests whenever I travel to Las Vegas.   You can also check all my previous network tests here.

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