How To Install Android 4.3 PhotoSphere Camera!

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Google has recently released Android 4.3 for Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One Android smartphones.  Well, one of the easter egg that came out of that is the Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera.

Luckily, it turns out that this camera app works wonders on other Android devices such as Note 2, Nexus 4, etc…etc… and gives you the same Android 4.3 camera!

This camera should work on ALL Android devices with Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, or even 4.3.  I have not tried it on ICS yet but if you want to try it, make a backup ROM beforehand.

The latest Android 4.3 camera comes with slightly different menus with upgraded PhotoSphere camera which does FULL 360 degrees (whereas before it did full 360 degrees but misses some of the top/bottom center).

If you install this Android 4.3 camera, it will also install Android 4.3 Gallery app.

Also, if you are using Sense or TouchWiz ROM, you will have the ability to use two cameras.  E.g. If you have a TouchWiz ROM on Note 2, you will have Note 2 and Android 4.3 camera.


Download Android 4.3 PhotoSphere Camera APK

If having trouble on AOSP ROMs like CM10.1, ParanoidAndroid, PACMan, or AOKP, uninstall Gallery app using Titanium Backup app first then install the APK.

Credits – XDA

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  • lpam

    Apparently you have to uninstall the old camera app first? Any ideas on how to do that?

    At the moment it doesn’t work on GT-i9100 with CM 10.1

    • Max Lee

      You don’t have to uninstall, is it not installing?

      • lpam

        Unfortunately not, downloaded it on my phone, click install then it comes up with “App not installed.”

        • dutchy

          i was getting the same error on my GS3 running CM 10.1. if you can, try and download a flashable zip of the camera and then boot to recovery and intstall it. this worked for me.
          you wil lhave 2 camera apps. you can tell the difference by the color of the lens on the camera icon. if you dont want this then u can use Titanium back up and then freeze the original camera app which will leave the new one.

          • dutchy

            also the photosphere doesnt work for me :/

          • Arunachalam

            From where you downgraded the flashable zip file…?

      • Joey ogc

        Max I had to delete the old camera on my nexus 4 running jellybam to get it to install and now works great

        • Joey ogc

          I had the app didn’t install message deleted the camera and reran the camera and it installed the first time and worked

    • Daljeet

      lol simple download titanium backup and uninstall the existing camera with that app and then install this one .. 🙂

  • Wasim Fatair

    photosphere didn’t work on omega ROMs

    • Wasim Fatair

      I’m wrong it’s working fine

  • Dd323

    Download it from the source .. I have non rooted note 2 working with the apks

  • sheikh

    Same issue as ipam “app not installed”

    (At&t s4 running paranoid android ROM)

    • Max Lee

      try this one instead.

      • lpam

        From the comments I have read elsewhere it seems that it only works for stock roms, i could be wrong though.

        Still no luck with the new link either.

      • sheikh

        Still the same message

  • suren

    I have the same issue on my galaxy s2 GT-I9100,running AOKP milestone 1, “app not installed ” has anyone found a solution for it yet ?

  • Matt

    I believe this is apk is available online as well.

    • Blaqueboy9

      I’m running pacman 4.3 and every time I try to install camera it says “not installed” what do I do to get it to installB

      • terry jr

        Every ROM I tried you need to uninstall stock gallery with titanium then install photosphere. I also find front camera crashes every ROM but Liquid smooth 2.1 that I have installed photosphere on. Tmobile gs3

  • lastmoonchild

    Hi Max, and high everyone. I had issues installing the apk via esfile explorer. I read some people had the same issue, which may be caused by overlay of sort. I stumbled on disabling HALO which then allowed me to click the install button, which I wasn’t able to before. I can confirm photosphere works perfect on my gs3 sgh-T999 Canadian running 4.2.2 on latest jellyBam Tom.

  • lastmoonchild

    Tip: Disabling HALO will allow you to press install.

  • John

    My initial try at installing came back with ‘App not installed’.
    I tried it again and it worked. I am using on rooted AOKP Rom.
    Photosphere is working great.
    I did nothing to the camera that was there previously.
    After install It showed 2 gallery in the app drawer. After reboot only the one.

    • Ton

      How did you install 4.3 camera in AOKP rom?

      • artisabella

        We most likely have to wait until someone comes up with a .zip for us to flash in recovery mode

  • mike

    Running lates CM on GS3 att
    Android 4.3 camera apk downloaded – goes thru install process
    then “app not installed”
    please advise

    • mike

      GS3 -SGH I747
      running CMOD 10.1

      had same problem –

      used Titanium backup to uninstall Gallery file that came with phone –
      regooted phone

      installed 4.3 apk
      now it all works perfect

      • Mike

        This worked for me as well. Thanks Mike.

      • Great tip Mike… That totally works!

      • sheikh

        Awesome worked for me!

        • Ton

          Great tip, worked for me as well.

      • Puma

        Great, thanks!

        Uninstalling the stock Gallery app with Titanium backup worked for me on Samsung Galaxy S3 with CMOD 10.2 (Android 4.3.1).

      • Ramón Ramirez

        Thanks I installed in cm11 4.4 kitkat and working perfect

        • haik

          how you guys made it work photosphere 4.3 on android 4.4.2 galaxy s3 t999 after I installed when I open photosphere the is no picture I only see the dot in the square box no picture please advise. thanks

  • Marcel

    It says “app not installed”. Galaxy GT-I9300

    • mike



      I had had same problem with my
      GS3 -SGH I747
      running CMOD 10.1

      used Titanium backup to uninstall Gallery file that came with phone –
      rebooted phone

      installed Android Photoshpere 4.3 apk
      now it all works perfect

  • mark winther

    I get a parse error. I have a S4 with cyanomogen 10.1.

  • Sharon

    The installation fail on Samsung Galaxy II SGH-989 with Samsung ROM T989UVMC6 on Android 4.1.2.

    Any idea?

    • Sharon

      And my phone is rooted

  • Cy

    It did not work on my LiquidSmooth v2.8 on Sprint S3 but it also eliminated my previous working 4.2 photosphere camera.

  • AdePrice

    Is it possible to change quality settings or mega pixel

  • Vic Proctor

    Photosphere and gallery apk work on nonrooted lg spectrum 2 btw, its running fine on my daughters phone and she has already created a image!

    • Max Lee


  • Alan

    Downloaded Android 4.3 PhotoSphere Camera APK software on my rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 and then installed. Only thing that changed was a new Gallery icon in addition to the old Gallery icon. The camera stayed as original. Deleted the old Gallery, leaving the new and rebooted, but still no change to the camera. Anybody know what I ned to do to get the camera to change to the Android 4.3 camera?

    • Max Lee

      Perhaps you already have 4.3 camera? It should have installed then. Do you see horizontal menu options?

  • Craszh

    Just installed on gnote i717 running Padawan JB v2 beside able to take photo on sphere mode there isn’t any other option with this camera and not able to choose or at lease I don’t see an option to set the photos to save on external sd card. Now I have two cameras I guess I’ll just keep it since I don’t really need to restore back to my original camera. I guess I will use it if I need a sphere mode feature. Thanks Max.

    • Andrew

      I noticed the same problem – open to save to external SD card has been removed in this version. Deal breaker for me, uninstalled it straight away.

  • Matt

    Does this give anyone the option of 13mp? I have the optimus g pro and the highest I can set it to is 8mp…(it has a 13mp camera)

  • Claudio Falcao

    Just to let you know, worked perfectly on my Note 1 (4.1.2)… Thanx a LOT!!!

    • Mat

      This is all I needed to hear and I can confirm it. Thanx! also working on my -unrooted- Note 1 (4.1.2). Didn´t uninstall anything. Now I got one more camera app (with photosphere) with it´s respective gallery app.

  • johndoe

    Works fine on sph-L710. And probably on sch-s960L

  • Cy

    Have the original gallery & camera and installed the 4.2 camera which added an additional gallery and camera. The second camera had photosphere.

    Liking the menu in the 4.3 camera, I tried the install of the apk and it would not install.

    Each time I either update or change a ROM, I need to re-install the 4.2 camera zip. Hearing that this might work for the 4.3 camera, where can I get the zip for this?

    Current ROM is LiquidSmooth ver 2.9

    • Cy

      Solved the problem with install of 4.3 camera zip. It installed and eliminated the other two camera apps. And then there was one.

  • Androman

    Shows NO photosphere option to me

  • Will clark

    Will this photo sphere install work on an uprooted phone? I uprooted my phone be a use I was having a lot of issues with the operation of the phone. Went back to a stock room and uprooted.

    • Max Lee

      Yes works on stock also, it may work well or not depending on the phone you have should work fine on most of the latest phones though.

  • terry

    I get the parsing error. And yes my unknown sources box is checked.

  • Stefano Piviali

    Installed and works well on Note GT1705.
    However, the Gallery doesn’t allow me to move or group pictures into albums, and the camera stores pictures in the internal card not on the external as I want.

    Anyone knows how to change the gallery to one that allows me to move pictures into albums?
    How about forcing the new camera to store into the external card?


  • John

    I have to reinstall it everytime i reboot, it doesn’t stick. Any help on fixing that

  • Jeff

    Doesn’t install on stock sgh-t889. I get a “cannot open file” error

    • Max Lee

      use es file explorer to install.

  • Chris

    Is there a mirror I’m missing? Or do I really have to sign up for yet another website only to download one file then never use it again? *sigh*

    Also, does this new version fix the FFC crash and the “Cannot connect to camera” bug? Yes, I have wiped dalvik when installing my new rom, reset permissions, and tried making it a system app/removing it from system apps. I love CM10.1, but these camera bugs are making me think of going back to stock, sadly, as the camera is about 1/4 of my usage. With my current rom and battery saving app, I can get roughly 6hrs screen time in camera mode, 7 browsing on wifi, 4 hours in gaming, and 4-5 in normal usage. With stock TW that’s roughly cut in half. Nothing like having to plug your phone in because it’s at 15% after 1.5hrs of screen time on.

    • Yvette

      Hiya going back stock isn’t so bad you can always remove the yucky stuff with Titanium or freeze?

      • Max Lee


  • manuel

    Anda excelente en Android 4.0.4 – Sony Xperia U

  • szderke

    SII I9100- on jól műküdik. Az .apk-t számítógépre másolod és a telefonról telepíted. Gond nélkül működik.

    Nagyon jó!



  • Victor

    Works for me on a rooted GS3 (Canadian) with stock 4.1.1.

  • zay

    I installed the app, but it shows up as gallery instead of camera. I first have to open it, then press the little camera icon in the upper right for the camera to open. Anyone knows how to get it to open as the camera initially? I running the MOAR v 5 ROM with Vire Launcher Premium.

  • Alex

    Since installing this on my i9300, sound not recorded when shooting video!? weird, I know! any suggestions gratefully received!

  • kiddz

    just root the phone then use root explorer than find folder app in system folder than you try to find camera app and gallery app and delete it

    • alex

      Thanks, my device is rooted and running latest liquid smooth. Cannot seem to delete the apk in the system/app- coming back as “read only system file”. I’m using is file explorer.

      • kiddz

        just remember to backup stock camera because in my country a phone seller hate a modified phone when try to sell to them because it say it a custom rom even do it a official stock firmware.

  • Zay

    wow still no comment or response to my issue of the gallery launching by default instead of the camera. I still have to open gallery first, then click the little camera icon before I get the camera to open. @Alex, try using ESfile explorer to delete your files, see if that helps.

  • Tyler Capstick

    I got error app not installed….

    I backed-up up original gallery with titanium backup then uninstalled it then installed the new camera apk
    works perfect.
    and if you open it and you get a gallery screen your using the wrong icon you should get an alternative camera icon

    stay High on android

  • Aymanxv

    it’s working just fine but the quality of images is less than average….colours are too saturated and eventhough I like the minimalistic appearance, I think the main camera app produces better pictures.
    Sent from my Galaxy S2 Plus.

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  • sudeshmishra21

    hi mike, I installed this in my note 2 n7100, everything works fine but whenever I tried to use my front camera it stucks and I have to restart my phone to use the camera again.

  • teekiya

    Having a problem with camera. Downloaded and installed fine on my note 2 but when i take a picture there is a delay before picture takes. then when i look for the picture in gallary its not there. I have the 4.2 photoshere camera and it works fine always has. Any suggestion on why it doesnt work. Do i need to uninstall 4.2 camera first?

  • Jacob

    Paranoid android T-Mobile note 2. Won’t install app smh any suggestions??

  • Benjamin Franklin

    works nice but heats up the device on my gs4 Samsung edition, i’ll wait for the office app or update

  • Glen

    Anyone else having force close? I played around with the flash. It doesn’t like auto flash.

    • Glen

      Edit: running jellybeans v21. Jellybeans kernel on note 2 versizon.

  • Paolo

    Hi I am trying to install this on sgs3 I747 running Aokp Milestone-2 4.2.2 every time I touch to install, I get a parsing error. I am using ESFile Explorer. Is there something else that I can try? anyone have any ideas?

  • ClearEyeView

    Installed like butter on my S3 GT9300 indian edition…

    Now i have two cameras and two gallerys….photosphere works beautifully on s3, no problems…

    Only the phone doesn’t seem to be able to handle the pressure. Slows down while using photosphere

  • mondobongo

    Works fine on my unrooted HTC one international. Nice to have the choice of the standard camera app and gallery.

  • Mario

    has anyone figured out a way to modify the app to allow SD CARD SAVE. This camera is ported from the Nexus devices and since there is no expandable memory on those phones this doesnt need the option. Can someone modify it to allow this?

  • TerryJr

    Camera worked great on my Tmobile S3 and then I intstalled CG10.2 and not camera app wont install and I cant get Titanium backup to run because I don’t have root access. I have CWM rooted and installed SU over and over again and have no lock getting the binarys to work again. Any ideas?

  • Kwnstantinos

    Hey Max. I downloaded this app from my Nonrooted Samsung galaxy S3 and When i try to install the apk it says that “opening the apk is not feasible”. What should i do?

  • colin

    juste installed it on my htc one x (already 4.2.2 but without the new camera application). but there is a problem with photosphere. The application just closes after the first picture. I put the circle on the first blue dot wait for the picture and then … just shut down.
    Any idea?

  • Thanks Max. I was getting the app not installed message until I deleted the Gallery app. Works fine now on my ATT SGS3 running the GREAT Carbon Rom (9-23 Nightly)! (Android 4.3)


  • Eranga

    Installed.Both working great,,,Thank Max..Can you give us a fully transparent S4 weather W…? Tnks,,

  • Porkchop

    Works perfect on my Verizon Galaxy Note 2, not rooted, no custom ROM – factory out the box. Gives two cameras and two photo albums, can pick which one you want to use. Seems to work perfect so far, nice… thanks!

  • Corster

    Just did the install on my Moto X. Had to use ES File Explorer like the video says.

    After install, I can choose between both camera versions. For the Moto X this is important because the old camera has the Moto Shake to wake up the camera. Both work side-by-side.

    Thank you!

  • Amir

    Installed on Samsung Galaxy 3 with stock ROM and non-root. Works perfectly. Thanks

  • Anuj Vishwakarma

    Photosphere is not working for me. I’m using xolo q800.
    Please help me……….

    • Douglas Lavery

      If your problem is that it would not install, then this is your solution. You have to delete the GALLERY APP. Then you we will be able to install the new Photosphere app. (It will also install a new Gallery at the same time.)

  • daniel

    this will not install on twrp at all i tried everything i just wont

  • Amit

    I installed it on my HTC one X plus 4.2.2
    The camera is working fine except for photosphere (ironically it is the only reason for which I installed it)
    It can take panorama and all but when I switch to photosphere it shows screen and crashes. tried rebooting the phone
    any help guys what am I doing wrong

  • Rahul Goel

    Hi…Titanium app method worked for me! thanx to “mike”. I hav another issue that I need to take pics in 16:9 @ 8mp. as it use to be with original HTC 4.1 JB ROM. Also I feel that quality of photos is degraded compared to original htc 4.1 jb rom.

  • Munich Machine

    Too bad, my coverage dropped below 0, original gives 3-2. Is there anything I can with this?

  • mostafa tera

    i installed as u recommended on S3 international version on Carbon ROM and after taking one shot on normal mode it freezes and after force close it says can’t connect the camera and it jams any other camera application please advice .. thanks 🙂

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  • Luke Lukovic

    I tried to install it. Said “cannot open file” I uninstalled stock gallery and rebooted but it still cannot install. I’m running cm 10.1 android 4.3.1 I don’t know what to do

  • unk

    Does this apk allow for photo to SD ?

  • Luke Lukovic

    Flash does not time right with the picture capturing so I get a black picture :/

  • Danny

    I installed this on my ZTE Supreme, I opened the new camera, but it does not show the photosphere option, only panoramic, video, and regular camera.

  • Ernesto

    It did work me,galaxy S2 slimbean 4.3,just uninstall gallery and then install the new,thanks a lot !!!

  • Brandon

    Awesome…That just killed two birds with one stone for me. Got my photosphere back and my photo gallery synced back up with google. Running Carbon Rom on my N4 and had to uninstall gallery before I could install this. Thanks.

  • richyrich619

    having same issue with the original apk and this apk.

    Help whats going on…

  • Andreas

    Hi, I have a rooted HTC Sensation, running CM 10.2
    I have installed the new Galery and the new Camera. I am especially interested in the Sphere mode. Unfortunately, the app shuts down every time I try to enter Sphere mode. Any ideas how I can fix it?
    Thanks very much in advance!
    Best regards, Andreas


    i have a galaxy 3 installed the app , but im have a black sceen , not able to see what im taking a pic of , everything else works fine, im rooted with 4.4 kit kit, can some please give me some tips on how to get my screen to work, i can use my bar code reader so i no its not the phone, was ok before i flased my rom,

  • firaz

    I just installed it on my HTC One X Plus (4.2.2)
    No problems in installing but when i switch to Photosphere mode and take the first shot the app crashes and closes down. I need help . 🙂

  • chiefkeesh

    I installed on ATT Samsung Galaxy S3, rooted running CM 10.2. I had to uninstall the stock gallery then install the apk, but everything works beautifully.

  • Dugome

    S4 works perfectly!

  • richie zee

    worked great.. i had deleted my gallery and apps using titanium backup by accident.. camera worked but video and gallery were messed up and getting the “unfortunately gallery/video has stopped”… i an using root66 root injected stock rom with 4.3 Jb.. instelld this and works like a charm… using the stock camer that came with this rom, not the casmera that is in this app, also do not use old gallery, use the new gallery icon that comes with the app here… works great, reads videos/pics, etc that i have on my phone as well as sd card..

    thanks for this@@

  • mdd

    help. every omni rom i have installed does not see my 64gb micro sd and i have to keep returning to 4.3 . Max, do you, or anyone else know what rom using 4.4 will work with my card? i dont know if it is my phone or the rom and for some reason finding information on this has been very sparse.
    Marty D

  • mdd

    nevermind… just took a long time. it is reading the card. lol

  • Hello Max,

    Android 4.3 photosphere camera apk didn’t install on my GT-N7000 mobile. I am current using asylum omni rom 4.4.2. Please help.

  • dan

    I succesfully installed it in my galaxy tab3 8inch, but cant find the photosphere feature? I only get the standard panorama. What did i do wrong? Thanks

  • soutman

    Just installed into Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) with 4.1.2 stock ROM and works FINE! =) No rootings nor need to uninstall anything before installation via sdcard.

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    Thank you :D, nice camera app.