How to Backup/Restore ROM using TWRP Recovery! - Page 2




(Optional) Also, you can set your backup folder name to something memorable.



Step 4. When you are ready to backup, swipe to start the backup process.




Step 5. Once you are done backing up ROM successfully, you are good to go.




Step 6. Now you have a backup ROM, you can always restore your ROM anytime.  For example, if you installed a new custom ROM but didn’t like it or didn’t boot, you can restore your ROM.

To do this, simple repeat Step 1 to boot into TWRP recovery then choose “Restore”.


Step 7. Choose the storage you used for backup then choose the Backup folder you want to restore.  In this example below, you can see I have two backup ROMs I can choose from.



Step 8. Swipe to begin restore process.


Step 9. One restore is complete, you should see “Restore Complete”.  If you see any errors, it could be still okay so reboot your phone to find out.  (In this example, I got a “Failed” error but my restore worked just fine.)



Step 10. Once rebooted, you should find the ROM restored exactly same as when you backed it up.



Q: Does this work for all Android devices?
A: Yes, so long as you are able to install TWRP recovery on your Android device, this should work fine.  (Most Android devices support TWRP except ones with locked bootloaders like AT&T or Verizon phones, which you may need to use SafeStrap recovery instead.)





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  • kokom

    hi guys can u help me
    i have tablet pc model q7a made in china
    processor qualcomm msm 7227 a
    there isn’t driver and firmware for this modele
    thanks for ur help

  • Yann

    Can I install a stock rom on note 4 twrp rooted?

  • Prasad

    Dear friends,
    my phone (LG OPTIMUS VU2 F200L) has been locked for bootloader & stil I was unable to get rooted it by trying several methods. So how can I recover current ROM installed kitkat 4.4.2.
    what about using SafeStrap
    recovery. I don’t know how to do it. please help me.

  • papajack

    I have twrp installed in my device. then my question is how to back up my current twrp incase that I want to share it with my friend with same phone specs..thanks

  • waqas

    my s2 is off or black screen after .pit file instalation failed is there any way to turn it on in download mod plz reply

  • lauknowsbest

    I have a Samsung s5 and I have already backup my ROM but I am having trouble restoring backup doesn’t appear when I try to choose the backup location. Can anybody help?!!

  • Philo Anthropos

    Hi – I updated my HTC M8 to Lollipop from 4.4.2 but found that my functionality had been reduced. I took a twrp full backup when I was using 4.4.2 and was wondering if I could simply restore the backup over lollipop or should i first factory reset and then restore the backup?

  • Abho

    On my g2 I don’t have an sd card not do I have that cable thingy. My internal is only 3500mb. So is it enough if I only backup my data?

  • rajkumar

    i have vox kick k7. i tried to take backup and install custom recovery, but i am unable to enter recovery mode by pressing power and volume keys. I tried to enter by using some apps, but it does not enter the mode, and displays the android symbol with error. Why this comes and how to solve it? pls help…

  • Iveren Shaguy

    Hello,tnx for the article. But what if the backup file isnt on the fone but on a pc, how do I reset it then. Thank you.

  • Dawn Clifton

    Hello. First, thank you for the awesome and informative videos that have saved my bacon time and time again! I got cocky and messed up a couple days ago and totally wiped everything off my LG G3 D850. I was running Fulmics 5.1 with the 5.2 update. For a couple of reasons, I needed to do a wipe and another clean install of the ROM when I clicked to wipe everything.

    Result is that I could access TWRP but was unable to flash any of my backups from my external SD, or OTG. I could see the backups, but didn’t have the option to “swipe”. After many hours of digging, I took a leap of faith and was able to sideload Fulmics 4.2 successfully. I have a backup of that specific ROM on my device but TWRP still does not allow me to “swipe” and install/restore.

    Anyone have any suggestions about what I’m missing? I do want to go back to Fulmics 5.2 eventually and will sideload if I have to, but I’m really worried not being able to access my backups in TWRP.

    Many thanks for any help offered!

    P.S…Phone is still running fine after 12 hours but I am still unable to get into download mode.

  • techblogger

    Team Win Recovery backup has been running all night and only made it a quarter of the way through. I think on my HTC M8, its stuck and I would like to stop it. How do you stop this thing?