Note Edge Official Wallet Flip Case Unboxing & Review!


After using my Galaxy Note Edge with a regular case for about a month, I realized that although the edge screen is really to cool and useful, it’s not as useful without the use of a flip case, which allows use of the edge screen while the screen is turned off.

I finally got my Note Edge Wallet Flip Case (and yes this is the official one from Samsung) and boy, it makes my Note Edge 10 times better.

So, what does it do?

Without the Flip Case, the whole screen turns on for notifications.  With the case, only the Note Edge screen turns on, saving you the hassle of unlocking the phone, wasting the main screen battery (as the screen is the main battery draining component of the phone), and even allows you to read your SMS/Twitter/Facebook/Google+ notifications without opening your main screen.

Besides that, you can also answer calls easily without ever opening your phone as you can pick up phone calls right there from the edge screen.  Other shortcuts include quick access to your flashlight, timer, audio recording, ruler, and lots more.  If you are listening to your favorite music or using Pandora, you can easily pause or skip to the next track using the edge screen, all without using power of your main screen (and yes, this is useful when you are on public transportation for sheezy).

I remember when Samsung announced this flexible screen phone (they actually had an Edge-type of phone back in 2012 CES) and now I am finally making real use of it along with the Wallet Flip Case.  Without this case, the Note Edge isn’t really a Note Edge, just a Note 4 with a bigger screen.  With the case, you can finally enjoy everything about the phone the way it was designed.  And of course, if $40 is too much for such a case, I would wait a bit more around as 3rd party case makers should have similar products out soon.

You can grab the Wallet Flip Case directly from Samsung or from AT&T.

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