LG Urbane Review! – Best Smartwatch of 2015?


I know many of you have asked me to do a full review of the LG Urbane watch for almost a few months so let me do a full review of my new favorite smartwatch, perhaps the best smartwatch of year 2015 so far.

First, I really love my LG Urbane watch as it uses standard 22mm watch bands. Although it comes with leather bands, I just wanted to use metal bands since I’ve never owned too many watches with metal bands. I do have a full tutorial guide on that so check that out. Having standard 22mm watch band means you can easily swap out for any watch bands you already own or perhaps purchase a new one to your liking.

Second, I really, really, really abused my LG Urbane watch over the last two months and a whole month during my vacation to Thailand and South Korea. I even took it underwater in warm sea salt water for a whole day for snorkeling in Phuket islands, Thailand. It has really held up well, I’ve pretty much wore it 24/7 for the last two months, even in my showers, and the stainless steel holds up very well. I do have several small scratches when viewed close-up but nothing major you can tell from normal distance. My Moto360 died on me after only 3 weeks of use without a reason. Defective? Maybe bad quality inspection? I don’t know but i’ve moved on.

Third, LG Urbane is probably the best smartwatch out there you can wear without looking like you actually looking like you are wearing a smartwatch. The design is not too far from different from traditional watches so it really blends in without screaming, “HEY MA LOOK AT ME, I GOT A NEW SMARTWATCH!”. I mean, if you like bling bling, this is still going to turn heads.

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Max Lee

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