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How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

In this video tutorial, we show you how to film professional quality videos with your Android smartphone. (You can also use iPhone or any other smartphone if you’d like.)

Now, probably the least you will need is some type of a tripod and a smartphone mount to hold your smartphone.   Without these, you will end up with shaky videos taken with your hands which may look very amateur at best.


Galaxy Note 7 Cases! [CruzerLite]

It’s been almost 5 years since I broke the screen on my Galaxy S3.  Ever since then, I have used a case on all of my smartphones and have never cracked the screen.  Well, a few weeks back I forgot to put the case back on while using my Honor 8 and dropped it.  Even though it was a very small 6-inch drop, it fell face down into one of stones in my backyard, causing the screen to crack.


Galaxy Note 7 Cases!

If you want to protect your brand, new Galaxy Note 7, you may want to consider getting a nice case for it.  VRS Design sent us some cases and here’s a quick look.

First, I really dig their Note 7 Crystal Bumper cases, which feature transparent back with nice transparent bumper.  I use this primarily as my daily driver on my S7 Edge for many months and it has protected my phone many times from drops.


How to Connect USB Flash Drive & SSD to USB Type C on Android! [OTG]

In this tutorial, we show you how to connect various different USB devices like a USB flash drive, SSD, mouse, or even a keyboard to Android devices using USB Type C using OTG cable.

Since newer smartphones like LG G5, Nexus 6P/5X, and One Plus Two use USB Type C, you will need to grab a USB Type C OTG cable.  (We recommend the iXCC USB Type C OTG cable.)  You can also use regular USB Type B OTG cable with adapter but the file transfer speeds will be much slower so we don’t recommend it.


HTC 10 Cases! [Spigen]

Spigen sent us a bunch of their latest cases for the HTC 10, here’s our quick round-up overview.

(Click on photos below to enlarge!)

Spigen Crystal Shell Case for HTC 10 – My favorite of them all, this is a single layer case that has a rock-hard shell with extra protection in the corners.  This case is not too thick, transparent to show off the natural colors of your HTC 10, and also protects your phone very well with its hardened TPU.


LG G5 Cases! [VRS Design]

If you are looking for some nice cases for your LG G5, definitely check out some cases from VRS Design.

My all-time favorite case is the Crystal Bumper Case, which I also use on my Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.  These cases have a thick clear bumper that allows you to protect your phone while the see-thru design allows you to enjoy the natural colors of you phone.