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LG G Flex 2 Review!

When I first heard about the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, I was totally excited and got to see first-hand some of the new performance improvements over at CES 2015.

Well, it’s been 3 months since CES and LG has finally released the LG G Flex 2 in South Korea. Without delay, I had to get one since I love getting high on Android. After using it for almost 2 weeks now, I think I can give you a full review, let’s go do this baby, UGH!


Fastest Micro SD Card Shootout! – Samsung vs. Sony vs. SanDisk!

I use a lot of microSD cards, mostly because I flash a lot of custom ROMs on my Android smartphones and I wanted to find out which microSD card is the fastest in the world.

For this shoot, I am using three of the best Class 10 microSD cards from Samsung, Sony, and SanDisk, the Samsung 64GB PRO rated at 90MB/s, Sony HighSpeed MicroSD rated at 95MB/s, and the SanDisk Extreme PRO rated at 95MB/s.


How to Disassemble LG G Flex 2!

The other day, my micro-SIM card (which is actually a nano-SIM with a micro-SIM adapter) got stuck on my G Flex 2.  Rather than forcing the issue, I decided to disassemble my LG G Flex 2, perhaps learn about the phone’s internal’s along the way.

Well, the process is actually very easy to do, and the G Flex 2 is certainly one of the easiest phones to disassemble and repair.  That is rather surprising as I initially thought curved screens may be harder than non-curved phones.


G-Boom Review – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100!

If you are looking for the best portable bluetooth speakers under $100 with the loudest sound and most bass, you will definitely want to check out the G-Boom speakers.

Last month, I had the pleasure of checking out many different portable speakers at my local Target store including JBL, Jambox (both mini and big version), Bose Soundlink, and many others.  Specifically I wanted a portable speaker that wouldn’t break my bank while giving me the most bass possible.


LG G Flex 2 Unboxing!

Hey this is an exciting day for me, the LG G Flex 2 I ordered on eBay is finally here. This is the world’s first smartphone with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor and also the world’s curviest phone.

This particular version is the original Korean model, which has additional features like LTE-A, DMB TV, and Korean localized bloatware, all of which won’t work here in the U.S. If you do get this particular Korean model, you can still get HSPA+ data fine on AT&T or T-Mobile, just LTE will not work as the LTE frequencies are different. So, let’s unbox this baby, huh!


LG Tone+ Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review!

The LG Tone+ Wireless Bluetooth headset is a wireless and stereo earbuds that will allow you to listen to music and talk on your phone easily all without wires or being tangled up.

If you talk a lot on your phone, listen to music all day long like myself, or perhaps you work out, you will definitely want to get one of these. My last wireless bluetooth headset before this one was Motorola bluetooth headsets, which were really uncomfortable to wear and the battery didn’t last long, it’s still collecting dust somewhere in my garage. (I hope it dies!)


YotaPhone 2 Unboxing – World’s First E-Ink Smartphone!

If you thought flexible screen on the Galaxy Note Edge was cool, check out YotaPhone 2, which is world’s first smartphone with E-ink display.

YotaPhone 2 combines two screens, one regular 1080P front screen and one E-ink back screen (960×540 pixels).  When I first heard about the YotaPhone 2, I had to have one, this seemed like a unique smartphone that could allow you to do more things like reading books in the sun while saving battery life.  If you own a Kindle E-reader, you may want this phone.  In fact, I am surprised it’s not made by Amazon, they should have made the Kindle Fire phone like this.


How to Take Super Macro Photos/Videos with Android Smartphone!

The other day, Twitter user M14xr2 asked me, “hey can you use a macro lens on a Nexus 6?”

And I said, “hell yeah, let me go ahead and test one out, will get back to you.”

Well, I got one of those strap-on macro lenses and boy, they work not too bad out of the box. This particular version I got on Amazon is called Pocket Lens but there’s actually a ton of generic ones on Amazon, I think they are all pretty much the same thing.


Gear VR FULL Review!

Gear VR is a 3D virtual reality headset that allows you to experience a virtual reality like never before.  You will need to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use it.

What you have here is actually a full-3D device that you wear.  The only difference between a 3D TV and Virtual reality is that with virtual reality you can watch in 360 degrees, imagine having 100 3D TVs connected together and making a dome around yourself, that’s what VR 3D feels like.  3D TVs just have things popping out while with virtual reality, you are immersed in a virtual world where things seem almost real.