Best WiFi Security Camera of 2018! [ReoLink 5Ghz 1440P]

Looking for the BEST wireless security cameras of 2018? Well, check out my new Reolink cameras that do 5Ghz along with 1440P resolution, also price is much cheaper than name brand ones from companies like Nest. Also, setup is really easy, no need to mess with your router, just use the ReoLink app and sets everything up for you so you can monitor your home in the highest resolution possible from anywhere around the world.  Forget 720P of 1080P, if you want to actually CATCH burglars, you need the highest resolution possible, these cameras all do higher resolution than any other name-brand wireless security cameras on the market today.  I upgrade my security cameras every 6 months so this is the best I could get at the moment.  As soon as 4K cameras are out I will be upgrading to that also.

Links to the cameras:

ReoLink RLC-411WS:(This is the one with 4X optical zoom, outdoor/fully water-resistant/1440P+ camera/5Ghz) – Link

ReoLink RLC-410WS:(1440P camera, outdoor/fully water-resistant/5GHz) – Link

ReoLink C1 Pro:(1440P, indoor, also has two-way radio w/ speaker/5Ghz) – Link

Don’t spend more on crappy 1080P name-brand cameras w/ 2.4Ghz. You need 5Ghz if you want to stream 1080P or higher without lag. FYI, I DID NOT GET PAID TO DO THIS VIDEO, I do my own research by buying my own cameras as I am crazy about it. . I will have updates on my future upgrades as I always do!


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