Chromecast Audio Unboxing & Review!


Google has revolutionized how many people stream videos and movies to TVs by selling over 20 million units of the original Chromecast, which cost less than $40.

Well, this year Google has announced a new product called “Chromecast Audio” that does pretty much the same thing but for audio.  You can use Chromecast Audio to make any of your speakers wireless using your home WiFi network.

One of the highlights of Chromecast Audio is that it’s a standalone device that will stream music straight from the internet, not from your device.  This is great since you are not relying on the proximity of your smartphone like on a bluetooth smartphone.  The range on bluetooth speakers are horrible and the moment you step out of its range, your speakers stop working while Chromecast Audio uses your home wireless network with support for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz along with 802.11AC.   The wireless range of your speakers are limited only by the range of how far your router covers.

Not only that, bluetooth has a lot of delay which can be sometimes annoying.  By using wireless 2.4/5Ghz, you are able to listen to your music without delays and streaming is instant.

Overall, I am really impressed at the Chromecast Audio as it comes in such a small form factor and it is compatible with many devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Macbook, and anything that runs Chrome browser.  If you have old speakers that you want to convert into wireless speaker or perhaps your bluetooth speaker range simply don’t cut it, grab the Chromecast Audio from Google for just $35 and problem is solved.

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