Project Fi Unboxing & Setup on Rooted Nexus 6!


I finally got hands on Google’s new Project Fi, which is a new type of carrier-switching smartphone plan from Google.  Basically, Google uses T-Mobile and Sprint’s network to give you best of both worlds at a low monthly cost.  The best part about Google Fi is that you only pay for data that you use and all unused data carryover to the month.  While carriers like AT&T do carryover, their carryovers expire after only a month while Google allows you to carry over as long as you want.   In essence, it’s somewhat prepaid data plan.

In order to use Project Fi, you will need a Nexus 6, which has radios for 4G LTE on both T-Mobile and Sprint.   And the setup process is a bit time-consuming and not so straightforward as it took me about an hour to set it up.  But no worries, I’ve documented my whole setup process on my rooted Nexus 6 so if you ever need to setup Project Fi on your rooted Nexus 6 with CM12.1, you will know how.

I should have a full review of Project Fi once I have used it for couple weeks but for right now, it seems very promising way to cut your smartphone bill in half (or more).


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