Top 5 MUST HAVE Apps for Android Wear Watches!

Using the patented scientific method of GETTING HIGH on Android, we present to you the Top 5 MUST HAVE Apps for Android Wear Watches like the G Watch and the Live Gear, so let’s go do this baby, huh!


Number one absolute app you MUST HAVE is the Wear Mini Launcher.  Wear Mini Launcher allows you to quickly launch your Wear apps by swiping top-left of your screen.  This app makes it very super easy to access all of your apps.   Swipe one more time and you can even turn toggle your Wifi, Sound, and WiFi Hotspot on your phone.  You can also control the brightness of your watch quickly.


Number two absolute app you MUST HAVE is Android Wear Calculator, this is great for those quick calculation for tipping at restaurants and even support some extra trigonometry math for students taking a test.  But DON’T CHEAT!  Cheating won’t you get anywhere in life.


Number three on our list is Google Keep.  Need to take a quick note?  Just say “take a note” and get all of your cool ideas into your Google Keep app and make a cool video like this one.


Number four on our list is  Audio Recorder app.  Whether you need to take a quick audio note or you want to record conversations working as an undercover snitch (because you sold drugs and got caught by the POLICE), this app will record your voice off your watch and transfer it to your phone instantly.  This may be good to turn on the next time you get pulled over on the highway.


Number five on our list is Weather Watchface.  Why not check your weather while checking time at the same time?  It also provides battery stats on your watch face so you don’t have to swipe down ever again.

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And as always, stay HIGH on Android!


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