AT&T vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test!


Here’s another speed test update I did while I was over at my parent’s house in Pleasanton, California.

My current favorite networks:

#1 – T-Mobile – They have done the best of upgrading towers recently. I am getting full 4G LTE in most places in SF Bay Area.  I used to get Edge in my parent’s house, now I get both 4G LTE and HSPA+!

#2 – AT&T – A lot more expensive but if cost isn’t an issue, AT&T definitely wins for coverage/speeds.

#3 – Verizon – Verizon has begun throttling high-bandwidth users, which probably is inevitable considering they have too many customers. Although Verizon used to be the best, their network is being congested, I would def. look elsewhere at the moment.

#4 – Sprint – Sprint has some great deals but very poor coverage in California and the West Coast. Sprint has always put West Coast last after East Coast and Mid-west. You can’t blame them though, they are from Kansas City afterall. However, I hear Sprint has great coverage/speeds in East Coast/Mid-West. Sprint is still a great deal if you don’t mind being on 3G most of the time. Sprint also has Spark 4G LTE coming out “right now” but again, it’s an untested technology they have not fully-tested and may not be available everywhere while 4G LTE on other networks are available “now”.

Now, speed tests do not tell everything about a network, most importantly is the “coverage”, how well you get 4G LTE wherever you go.  In my experience, AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile are all doing well around SF Bay Area while Sprint is really lagging behind.  And also, speed tests may differ depending on where you live, this is ONLY for the SF Bay Area.


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  1. Nino C. says:

    I want a spot in the finals for a free smartphone giveaway. I’ll accept any smartphone zedomax has advertised. lol

  2. unixchick says:

    How is Sprint nowadays? I just opened up an account bought an S6 Edge but I’m getting nervous about coverage. I currently have Verizon but my almost $300/month bill is really outrageous (3 lines, 2 tablet lines; 2 are Edge phones, but those are supposed to be “free” right, because I get a line discount by using Edge …. right). I feel like my bill went up when I finally switched over from my grandfathered unlimited data plan to a shared data plan. I had no idea that it was going to be so high – my bill is almost as much as my car payment! I am only switching one line to Sprint right now to feel it out, but eventually am hoping to switch all of my (phone) lines over, even if it will save me $50 or $100. I live in the Bay Area and frequently travel to Sacramento. I also have an AT&T phone (work phone) so I suppose if the Sprint coverage is horrible, at least I always have a backup.

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