Best Android Keyboard App!

Not all of you may agree but after owning literally dozens of Android smartphones, I think I have finally found the best keyboard app.  That is actually the keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy S2.  It’s not the keyboard itself that makes it a good keyboard (it’s just a plain Android keyboard) but the hauptic feedback settings(vibration levels) and the accompanying sound feedback and let’s me type faster than any other Android keyboard.

Of course, for those of you who don’t own a Galaxy S2, you are not out of luck as I’ve found a way to recreate the Galaxy S2 keyboard (actually better) on any Android smartphone with the GO Keyboard app (which is free at the Market).

When you use GO Keyboard, you can change the vibration and sound settings.  Set sound to “Samsung” and vibration levels to as low as you can get without losing vibration.  This is pretty much what the Galaxy S2 keyboard is like and now you can use it too.

Also, another great feature about the GO Keyboard app is that it supports multiple language.  I, for one need a Korean keyboard so I can reply back to my mom who writes to me frequently in Korean.  The GO Keyboard app makes it easy to use just one keyboard with ability to change languages easily in one tap.

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Max Lee

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