Equalizer App for Android – Best App of the Week!

Do you need to adjust your sound quality when listening to music on your Android device? Well, I have been using DSP Manager and other apps that require custom ROMs but found this really great app that does it on any Android device, no rooting required.

The Equalizer app for Android works out of the box flawlessly (on ICS) and can provide you with quick sound adjustments for better quality listening. I think this is a great app that works well across many Android devices and works instantly.

Give it a go and let me know what you think of this app if you like listening to music.

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  1. mmmfreegoo says:

    Nice review. Personally I really like “Audio FX Widget”. (http://tinyurl.com/audioFXwidget)

    It worked fine on my previous Motorola Android 2.1, and also works perfectly on my Galaxy S2, both Gingerbread and ICS.

    It is a simple 5 band equalizer with reverb, spatialiser and bass boost. It seems lightweight and has a widget, several pre-configured settings and user configurable settings that you can save.

    Plus its free ^_^

    Check it out!

  2. Scott Artz says:

    Wanted to get added to newsletter

  3. vanquish says:

    which ROM are you using in this video? The bottom taskbar buttons looks neat. I thought I’ve reviewed all of your ROM reviews and I don’t recall seeing this one. Thanks

  4. Nick says:

    Just since you mentioned you think it’s new – it’s been around for a while. I’ve been using it since I got my Nexus S last year. But yeah, great app – the added processing makes it sound even better than just stock ICS EQ.

  5. jkdude47 says:

    where did you get that speaker???? its totally awesome! is it online ????

  6. Keon says:

    It doesn’t work for the evo lte ..and the built in beats audio presets aren’t loud or pleasing to me at all… Is there any way to get the equalizer app to work?

  7. Sergio Antonio Trejo Lara says:

    Very veri nice app… in Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean is incredible, fix the bad volume

  8. Vijay Vinayak says:

    It used to work perfectly till a week back.. now, though i can choose the presets.. I dont see any change in the sound and reverb is always ON.. i cant turn it off at all 🙁 🙁 I am sooo disappointed 🙁 🙁 can som1 help me resove this issue..
    I have HTC ONE X with 4.0.4 version.

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