How to Find a Lost Android Phone! [Find My Phone App]

Lost your Android phone?  Perhaps one of the worst places is your own house, which happens to me many times.  Before using this method, I would usually find my phone by simply calling it from one of my other phones.  But that method might fail if you have your phone on silent!  How to fix the issue?

You can download Google’s official Find My Phone app called, “Find My Device” app if your phone has been logged in through Google.

Simply install & open the app on ANY Android device, you can sign into your account using your password then find all of your phones using the map.

Now, if you lost your phone inside your house like myself, simply hit, “Play Sound” and it will play loud sound on the phone even if it’s in silent mode.

If you don’t have another Android device, you can also access the web version by using your computer here.

This method has saved me countless times so definitely check it out and do let me know if this has helped you!

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