Best Android Smartphone for Root & Custom ROMs! [OnePlus/Pixel]

In this video I talk about the best Android smartphone for root and custom ROMs focusing on the easiest and also one with the most custom ROMs.

Without a doubt, the OnePlus 8/8 Pro are probably the best Android smartphone for root and custom ROMs along with all OnePlus phones as they are really tailored so the user can easily root their phone, update firmware within the OS, and there’s a lot of good ROMs you can try that’s fully compatible. Also, Google Pixel phones are great such as the Pixel 4, but I do have to give the win to OnePlus since it’s even easier than Pixel phones plus you get full Qualcomm unbrick tool that literally allows you to unbrick your phone completely back to factory status(and that’s what they use to flash phones at the factory).

Meanwhile, Samsung & LG phones have locked bootloader on all U.S. models since several years ago and it is literally impossible to root U.S. models. For those with Sprint or Verizon service, that means you cannot get root with Samsung or LG. You can always grab the Exynos models of Samsung phones of European models of LG but they don’t always support the newer 4G LTE bands of T-Mobile and also do not support Sprint/Verizon.

Xiaomi is also very good but they have a 30-45 day bootloader wait time, meaning you can’t root your phone for the first 30-45 days, which is a hassle since you want to unlock the bootloader right when you get your phone so you don’t have to reset everything again.

Also, unlocked versions of OnePlus(since 6T) and Pixel phones are hybrid GSM/CDMA phones that support all 4 carriers and 4G LTE bands, which makes it very useful in case you want to switch networks later.

Overall, if you want root and custom ROMs, I would highly suggest going with either OnePlus or Pixel smartphones as you will avoid much of the hassle of trying to make something work(that’s not supposed to) and pretty much made for rooting/custom ROMs.

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