How to Root LG V20! [AT&T/Sprint/Verizon/Korean]


In this MASSIVE tutorial, I will be showing you how to root the LG V20, this root guide is specifically for the AT&T H910, Sprint LS997, Verizon VS995, and Korean F800L models ONLY!  If you do not have one of these models, please DO NOT FOLLOW THIS TUTORIAL!  For T-Mobile and other variants, check this page on XDA.

Also, this root method involves unlocking the bootloader using DirtySanta method, meaning you will LOSE EVERYTHING and there is no way to REVERSE the process yet.  Once rooted, you will be stuck with a rooted device.  However, rooting will give you the ability to enjoy custom ROMs, which I feel are better than stock anyways.

This tutorial is based on the original tutorial on XDA but I will be using Windows computer.  If you are using Mac or Linux, please follow the original instructions here.

Step 1. Go into Settings->Software Info and tap on “Build number” a bunch of times until it says developer mode has been turned on.


Step 2. Hit the back button twice and you will see a new menu called “Developer options”, tap on that and enable both “OEM Unlock” and “USB debugging”.  If you don’t see “OEM Unlock” option, just make sure “USB debugging” is checked on.


Step 3. Download the following files and unzip,,




Download – Mirror

Download LG Drivers for Windows

Download TWRP for LG V20

Download SuperSU zip

Download Sprint Stock ROM for Sprint LG V20 ONLY!!!


Step 4. Copy the SuperSU zip file to microSD card then put the microSD card on your LG V20.  For Sprint LG V20, also copy over the Sprint stock ROM.


Step 5. Install the LG drivers.


After installation, you should see “LGE Mobile for ADB Interface” in Device Manager.


Step 6. Copy all files under v20-root/Required Files to the fastboot directory.



Step 7. Also copy the TWRP recovery to fastboot folder.



Step 8. Double-click on “RUNMEFIRST.bat”.


Step 9. Go to your phone and hit “OK” when “Allow USB debugging” windows pops up.



Step 10. Run “step1.bat” by double-clicking on it.



Step 11. Install and open “Terminal Emulator for Android” app on the Play Store.


Step 12. Type “id” and you should see “untrusted_app” somewhere.   If you don’t see it, start from Step 1.


Step 13. Type the following and hit Enter:

applypatch /system/bin/atd /storage/emulated/0/dirtysanta


Step 14. Double-click on “step2.bat”.


Your phone should reboot into fastboot mode.


Step 15. Go into Device Manager and update the driver for Android with exclamation mark.  Follow the video tutorial if you don’t know how to do this step.


Once correctly installed, you will see “Android ADB Interface”.


Step 16. Double-click on “step3.bat”.



Step 17. Once the phone reboots, pull the battery.  Put the battery in then IMMEDIATELY hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together.


When you see the LG logo, briefly ONLY LET GO OF the Power button for 1 second then hold it back down.



Step 18. You should be in the menu below, if you don’t see it repeat Step 17 until you see it.  It make take you a few tries if this is your first time.

Select “Yes” using the volume keys then hit Power key.


Step 19. Choose “Yes” and hit the Power key.


Step 20. After about 5 minutes, you will be in TWRP recovery.


Step 21. Tap on “Cancel”.


Step 22. Swipe to right to allow modifications.


Step 23. Choose “Wipe”.


Step 24. Tap on “Format Data”.


Step 25. Type “yes” and hit Enter.  THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE!!!


Step 26. Go back to home menu then select “Reboot” then “Recovery”.



Step 27. Once rebooted, swipe to right again.


Step 28. Tap on “Install”.


Step 29. Choose your microSD card as storage.


Step 30. Choose the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier in this tutorial and choose “Install”.

For Sprint LG V20, install the Stock Sprint ROM in this step then SuperSU zip.


Step 31. Pull the battery, put it back in.  Then immediately hold down the Volume Down button and insert the USB Type C cable.  This should enter you into fastboot mode.  If you don’t get it the first time, repeat this step until you get it right.


Open a command prompt by typing “cmd” in search then type:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
fastboot flash boot bootbackup.img
fastboot reboot


Step 32. Once rebooted, you will find SuperSU app in your app drawer.  Open it up and if you don’t see any errors, you are 100% rooted!


You can verify you have full root by installing and running free Titanium Backup app on the Play Store.






47 Responses

  1. Pdaddy says:

    Who is the Developer who made the Dirty Santa root method? Didn’t see his name in your post? He at least deserves a shout out.

  2. You Didnt Make This says:

    Wheres the copy right at bishhh nikka

  3. Pete Ondrik Jr. says:

    I need help.! I’m at the end of rooting my lg v20 I open cmd, type cd Downloads, when I type cd fastboot it says sytem cannot find the path specified..! PLEASE HELP ME MAX. I’ll do anything

    • Rocz says:

      Keep calm man. This takes a little time to perform. Take care first of the file root in your computer. Not to offend, but are you familiariced with the C:/ language?

    • Tiggle_Bitties says:

      It’s b/c you moved the fastboot folder out of the downloads section

  4. parker says:

    after rooting my device, my screen on my phone is all fuzzy and i cannot see anything. i can tell the device booted up and is on sort of setup screen but i cannot read anything. please help

  5. kamalpreet arora says:

    is there a method to install twrp on lg g5 verizon and any good custom rom

  6. kamalpreet arora says:

    can we unlock gsm capabilities of sprint with this method
    or any custom rom if yes plz suggest

  7. zenkiz33 says:

    after clicking step 2 phone does not reboot into fastboot, it will just reboot.

  8. zenkiz33 says:

    nevermind I just noticed my device is already o ZV6 🙁

  9. Vepa says:

    Hey your TWRP link just leads to the file. You already have a link for that once, so I’m sure it was a mistake.

  10. Hengki says:

    How about LG V20 F800S (10t) it works?

  11. BlackH2O says:

    @ Vepa, you’re right, the link to TWRP is wrong. The link for it can be found here:

  12. Pk says:

    My lg v20 h910 got stuck after third step. After going through factory reset a hazy screen appears followed by lg logo. Phone wont boot. Sfter sometime it gets stuck in att logo. What shoulf i do.

  13. Hyro says:

    So the TWRP files, where are they, I know i cant continue without em

  14. Anthony says:

    Go to the main post from xda and pull them

  15. Steve says:

    When I use terminal emulator and plug in the command,”applypatch /system/bin/atd /storage/emulated/0/dirtysanta”(by the way, is there a space after “atd” ?) Anywho, I don’t think that command is working and after I run step 2 and it reboots, it does NOT go into fastmode. Anyone have any ideas ? Hopefully it’s something simple. Thanks !

  16. FA says:

    What do you mean by “Losing Everything” ? Does it include the DRM keys and features that might require the key itself?

  17. David H says:

    Sprint V20 LG-LS997 is there a way to backup my data before doing a factory reset? How about backing up the bootloader before unlocking it?

    • Ferick Andrew says:

      As for now, there is no way for backing up the “TA partition” (or any other term for it, this one is particularly for Xperia devices)

  18. eric says:

    can this method work on firmware ls997ZVD sprint v20

  19. Joseph says:

    How can i unlock bootloader $ root TECNO cx air please

  20. Cheryl says:

    Device won’t go into Fastboot. I bought it unlocked from the internet. So I know I didn’t do anything to it. But I’m wondering if you have heard of this happening before. Do you know a fix?

  21. Roberto says:


    I have a LG V20 VS995 with firmware 12A (I tried the 13A also) and I followed all procedure and all ok till the end, but when i try to restart the phone the screen is grey with lines and so it isn’t possible what there in on it. The logo LG is ok, but when it enters on the firmawe there is the problem. If I reinstall the original firmware it return ok. Do you have some ideas to solve it? Thanks for you possible helping.


  22. David says:

    I like your detailed instructions… I wish you could guide me im nervous

  23. David says:

    People with gray lines: I got that too. Turns out the script in step3 is expecting the twrp image to be a very specific filename. Be sure to download the EXACT version of twrp*.img linked in the other guide, or rename yours to have the exact same filename. “twrp-3.0.2-1-us996.img” is what I have. Then make sure that file ends up in your fastboot folder.

  24. Schmitt says:

    In terminal emulator, applypatch is not work. 🙁
    is say usage: applypatch [-b ] [: …]

  25. laminou says:

    Please iregret my buying, i ve a lG V20 H990N, is there a method to unlock my phone, it is not supported by lge devlopper, neither tis method, can someone help me

  26. JMark31 says:

    does it work on F800s?

  27. Dr.Flex says:

    Hi. Can you help me to root my device Lg v20 F800L?

  28. Hurr Hussain says:

    i have ls997 .i m unable to download its stock rom via pc. it interupts in the middle .I have downloaded it via phone will it work correctly?

  29. Melvin Lawrence says:

    I need help because my lg stylo was resently deleted and cleared but i dont have the google account no more and need to just load with my current email i dont even know the old email is there a way around this ..

  30. Bernard says:

    Hi, you have to follow the same steps in v20 (f800l). I’m on android oreo, can root be done?

  31. David says:

    As written this definitely doesn’t work on V20 F800L. I used LGUP to flash the original kdz to the phone and ran the steps but it hangs on at RUNMEFIRST.bat. I tried this a few months ago. Gave up. Decided to try again the last two days with no luck. My wife tried. There’s no indication what’s wrong. The drivers are there. I’m connected via adb. I have the security patch dated September 1, 2016.

  32. CheydinAnthony says:

    LGE Mobile for VZW ADB Interface does not show in my device manager. Does this just mean I’m screwed? I can’t find anything that tells me how to fix this.

  33. CheydinAnthony says:

    Never Mind. I give up and will never try to root a phone again. Thanks anyway.

  34. Roosevelt P says:

    I tried your method. All works but I can not get out TWRP. Every time it keeps rebooting in TWRP. Is there a solution for that?

  35. John Lynn says:

    Hi. I cannot get past the Runmefirst.bat step. When I run it, it doesn’t do anything. I went on with Step 1 and it seemed to work fine but when I tried to apply the DirtySanta Patch, it couldn’t find it. Any suggestions?

    • John Lynn says:

      Nevermind, a program on my computer was preventing it from running.

    • John Lynn says:

      New Update. The program runs, I allow it to connect to my phone and then the program just sits at waiting for device forever. It doesn’t do anything and I don’t get the 3 responses that I see in this tutorial. Any clues about why it hangs here?

  36. Zulqarnain Khan says:

    I’ve currently on Android Oreo(8.0.0) by Sprint(LS997) variant, and i’m getting the following error code during the terminal-step process of this root method. Help needed.!!

    elsa:/ $ id
    uid=11388(u0_a1388) gid=11388(u0_a1388) groups=11388(u0_a1388),3003(inet),9997(everybody),21388(u0_a1388_cache),51388(all_a1388) context=u:r:untrusted_app_25:s0:c512,c768
    /system/bin/atd /storage/emulated/0/dirtysanta <
    usage: applypatch [-b ] [: …]
    or applypatch -c [ …]
    or applypatch -s
    or applypatch -l

    Filenames may be of the form
    to specify reading from or writing to an EMMC partition.

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