LG G6 Hands-On!

Probably the biggest smartphone launch worth mentioning at MWC 2017 is LG’s latest LG G6, which is an extra-wide screen smartphone with an aspect ratio of 18:9.  While Samsung has decided to skip MWC for their Galaxy S8 launch, LG has pushed through with their latest and best smartphone that may help them grab the top position for smartphone king.

In my first few minutes of experience, I did not like the feel of LG G6 honestly and I felt it was very “blocky”.  Well, after using it for more than a full day, I can tell you the wide screen does give you more screen real estate while it does not feel bigger in your hands.  While the bigger aspect ratio brings you more screen space, it doesn’t necessarily translate into exactly the same as far as viewing videos on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc…etc…

What LG has done is bring 18:9 aspect ratio(which is completely out of standards by the way) to the smartphone, which has potential to give you more space for extra features.  For example, you could be watching a YouTube video and have a related YouTube video thumbnails on its side or maybe even for Netflix where you can easily skip to different sections of the video you are watching.  While LG has demonstrated some of this with its Gallery showing up while you take photos, it isn’t exactly something apps are ready for.  If LG can somehow make it easily adaptable to existing apps, there is definitely potential that LG G6 may become one of the most useful smartphones on the market.  LG G6 also has some new bigger camera sensors that will help its low-light performance.  I should have a full review of that also soon.

As far as feel, the LG G6 feels small but the screen itself is extra long.  For those of you who need or love extra long things, G6 may just fit the bill.  For now, these are simply my first impressions but I should have a full review after LG officially launches as the units out right now are all still prototypes.  But I am definitely impressed with LG’s new direction.  I should have a full review on the LG G6 but so far I am pretty impressed.

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