Android Setup Wars

Welcome to the HighOnAndroid Android Setup Wars!

Android Setup War #1 Grand Prize: Brand new Verizon LG G6, converted to Canadian LG G6 (ended 11/15/2018) – Winner Greg Aul through Live drawing

Android Setup War #2 Grand Prize: Brand new Google Pixel 3 smartphone (UPDATE 12/16/2018: along w/ everything in the Pixel 3 mystery box including Pixel wireless charger, case, and TeamPixel fanny pack!)

2nd – 5th prize: Not decided yet, please check back.

Current Android Setup War #2 Deadline: 12/15/2018 12PM Pacific Standard Time  EXTENDED to 12/24/2018 12PM PST!

Any late entries will be automatically entered to the next Setup War.

Please 1 entry per Setup War! (Multiples will be disqualified, cheaters will be banned for life) Only 1 winner per year per user, so please don’t enter again if you’ve already won, thanks!

How to Enter Android Setup War:

  • Take 5 Photos(best as you can, use portrait mode when possible) of your best Android MODS.  E.g. Example of custom navigation buttons on your custom ROM, custom skins, custom shortcut key using an app, etc…etc…  You can also do hardware mods like cheap $20 HDMI used for using DEX on Galaxy Note 9, cool cases/stickers, blahblahblah
  • Write a description of your MOD and link to the MOD(If you used a custom ROM on XDA, a link to that, if you used an app on Play Store, link to that)
  • Optionally, you can also make a short video of your MODs and send it to me(upload to YouTube and send me the link or upload to Google Drive and send me a link to that)

Send them to with subject “Android Setup Wars Entry”, please make sure to use those exact words otherwise you will be disqualified.