Galaxy Fold? DO NOT BUY!


#1 Rule of Thumb for Techies: Never buy 1st generation devices, they usually have bugs of some sort, second generation devices are always better and cheaper.

Galaxy Fold is fragile. It is protected by a thin film, you can’t even put a tempered glass on it.  If your protective film gets damaged, there is no way to replace it, you will have to live with it or get it professionally replaced, which will be a big hassle.  Galaxy Fold is NOT a smartphone, it’s just a tablet that can be folded and used more like a flip phone with a tiny 4.6-inch screen Like how many times you are going to have to unfold phone per day to use its 7.3-inch screen? You really don’t get any smartphone features without unfolding it, using the tiny 4.6-inch screen is not a fun experience.

Even In-screen fingerprint sensors annoy me because it takes 0.5 seconds more than a rear fingerprint sensor, unfolding/folding your phone is going to take more than a few seconds.  Fully unfolded, the 7.3-inch screen isn’t even tablet size, it’s barely bigger than my 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is only the half the cost of Galaxy Fold. Plus I save time on folding/unfolding. Folding and unfolding is really not practical.

Galaxy Fold sounds like a really bad idea, they should re-design it. It sounds it’s gonna fold literally, if you know what I mean. That’s like naming something Galaxy Fail. Maybe something like Galaxy Bend, Galaxy Bendova.

Samsung delayed its launch, Galaxy Fold is losing value everyday Samsung delays launch. In technology, gadgets lose value over time. By the time you get your Galaxy Fold, you have overpaid for it by 30-50%.  You can buy a brand, new Galaxy Note 10 Plus and a Galaxy Tab S6 like I did and enjoy both worlds of smartphone and tablet. And the Tab S6 is a real 10.5-inch tablet you can enjoy instead of a 7.3-inch screen, which is not even real tablet size. Samsung needs to make the next Galaxy Fold much bigger when fully unfolded. And I would like to see much bigger than a 4.6-inch phone when folded.

Samsung had a very good idea but their execution did not go as they wanted plus this is their first prototype for a foldable smartphone. They need to re-think about the specs and how it relates to other existing gadgets on the market today.  Most importantly, it should save consumers money by buying the Galaxy Fold. At $2000, you can get so much more buying a smartphone and tablet separately.

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