Which Carrier Has Best 4G Plan? AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

In this video, we go in-depth which U.S. carrier has the best 4G plan.

4G LTE is without a doubt the fastest 4G network with best coverage but is it right for you?

With 2-3GB 4G LTE plan, you are going to run out of bandwidth very quickly if you watch 2-3 hours of Netflix or 5-6 hours of Pandora. After that, you do have the choice of paying $10 per extra gigabyte or even if you have unlimited, you will most likely be throttled by carriers.

If you get good Sprint coverage where you use your phone often, Sprint still offers the best unlimited data plan while giving me 4G WiMax, which is plenty fast enough if you have good 4G signals.

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  1. Dan'l Hall says:

    What’s up man, I hear you about Sprint being the best pick right now. I know that sooner or later they have to
    change there system pretty soon, they have to to get the the GSM system and that means they might have to
    follow AT&T and T-mobile, my T-mobile is really fast. I like it but I don’t listen to music through the internet, I just browse and check out you site mostly.
    My wife works for AT&T she is a project manager, but I don’t like them, that is why she has my carrier. Haha! I can’t say her name cause she will get in trouble. Anyway I’m trying to look in the long run to see who is going to be the survivors of this madness that is going on with the unlimited plans. T-mobile is unlimited and I love it so far.

    • SomeWuTClue says:

      GSM is facing out in the world 2 be replaced by LTE & US carrier R doing the same too so all phone should be world phone [voip kinda handoff] only diff would be frequencey which is soft base vs hard coded

  2. SomeWuTClue says:

    Sprint LTE 1.9 GHz; Vzw LTE 1.9, 700 GHz; Att LTE 700, though diff freq but many carrier requesting to have hardware base freq vs software; P.S by all means Correct me if I’m wrong

  3. Ian says:

    AT&T LTE is faster….period. regardless of cost. (which is actually closer than most assume btw) they now have the greatest LTE coverage and it is by far faster. I have had att, sprint and verizon. my at&t frequently clocks in at 25-30 mbps, and i have on several occasions broken the 50 mbps mark. P.S. GSM and LTE are not mutually exclusive. so to say that gsm is being replaced by lte is false. there are rumors however that it may ultimately get phased out or at least matched by wideband cdma.




    how about info on canadian carrier

  6. Jay says:

    Max in the good old U.K they give use a unlimited data yet there is a catch it’s called a fair use policy which means you have unlimited data until you reach soo far then they ban your data service for a month with the your being unfair too other users by useing more data than you need but there is no way out of this so really it’s not unlimited and false advertiseing which in the U.K is against the Law But thats how they get round it by saying you was unfairly useing it except for one network i think which is 3mobile which say its as much as you can use no matter what but there has too be a catch with them i guess maybe it’s as there small there signal is really weak.

  7. Jenny Averly says:

    Sprint – I disagree.
    Here’s why…

    I purchased the EVO 4G day 1. Never had many issues with my phone. Not until recent updates at least. But I also signed up for Sprint’s “Unlimited Data” plan, as they really did have the best value, and might still do. That I can’t argue against. HOWEVER, during my travels up and down the east coast, as well as my visits to the west coast, I can honestly say the problem is two-fold.

    I may not be streaming lots of music or video, but I do surf the web a lot, play some YouTube videos, use their hotspot feature for work, and otherwise make occasional calls and send text messages. While I certainly pay for the “unlimited” data they promise, Sprint seems to have a hard time accepting it. I’ve been repeatedly called by Sprint “representatives” telling me they monitor and know everything I do, yet they can’t admit to it because it’s a violation of my privacy, and then threaten to close my services permanently if I don’t “pull back”. With no explanation of what I did wrong, and with no way to monitor my bandwidth usage, I had no choice but to personally stop streaming videos and transferring files for work, hoping that my service would just keep going. It turns out, and this is the first major flaw with Sprint, is that while using their data services, they basically re-route me to 3rd party providers. And by doing so, are legally able to disclose any and all personal info about myself and whatever I do. It’s then up to the 3rd parties to decide what to do with that information – they could sell it, exploit it, and in my case, turn it back over to Sprint just to say that “I’m using too much data and it has to stop.” When I confirmed that it’s “unlimited”, they deflected to say “it’s not so much the amount of data, but where it’s coming from.” And after a whirlwind of contradicting and threatening remarks, I was apparently in violation of their roaming policy AKA Sprint’s shady way of routing your data connection to 3rd parties whereby violating their policy only so they could legally monitor my data usage and tell me it’s too much. Unlimited??? Not really.

    The second major issue with Sprint’s network – 4G. Yes, I get faster speeds and it’s certainly nice to be in areas where it works well. However, of all the places I’ve been to, the story is the same. No matter what 4G Sprint phone you use, and even if you’re standing directly next to their tower, your phone will die very fast. Sure it was nice to see web sites and Facebook load in mere seconds, but don’t plan on doing much else unless you have a spare battery or charger within the next hour. Even if you do nothing, that 4G goodness goes away along with the rest of your phone in no time. But, there’s always those cases when you don’t need 4G and so I can easily turn it off and go back to plain ol’ 3G service. Much better since my phone can last me all day and more if I hardly use it. But when I do use my phone in 3G, everything takes forever. I waited over 7 minutes to get Google to load and sometimes longer just to see a status update on Facebook. And this was in the best wide open areas of service. Same results no matter what city or part of the country I’m in. And it’s not just my particular phone. I’ve had similar problems on Sprint’s other 4G offerings as well. My last gripe regarding 4G… put the phone in your pocket and the signal is gone. Take the phone out and you have to wait to re-establish a connection to Sprint. And every time you go inside you car, your office, etc. the 4G signal is constantly dropping and attempting to re-connect. For those that don’t know, this drains your battery more than if you just kept the display on all day. This isn’t good at all.

    Finally, while Sprint may advertise “unlimited” data, and offer 4G service… you’ll never truly get both. They’ll monitor your data usage and threaten to close your service and you’ll never know why. And if Sprint offers 4G service that’s only practical for an hour… how is it that this is the best? Even people I know with various 4G phones who can testify to the same problems still rely on the extremely slow 3G just to save battery. And none of these people including myself consider to be heavy users or bandwidth hogs. It’s all just a scam in the end. Because they’re selling you a phone promising to do SO much more, and at amazingly fast speeds. Yet you pay them so much money to have the “unlimited” data, and to use great music/video streaming services at these so-called promised fast speeds and what you get in the end is a bunch of false promises and horrible performance from such an expensive product. What’s the point? If all I wanted was to check my email and text my friends on the go I’d get a Blackberry. To say that a very poor performing service, even in the best of areas, with the latest and greatest 4G technology, is the best from Sprint is wrong. And if this truly is the best?? I can’t ever imagine what it must be like on other carriers. And to think I was hoping to switch, not good at all!

    • Jason Rubadeau says:

      Very True..Having Sprint as my carrier has been nothing short of a NIGHTMARE. First, I bought an EVO 4G; at the time of purchase, I was told it had a one-year warranty. Several months later, when the screen on the phone went dead..not cracked, it just stopped working, I went in to a store for a “warranty” repair. I was told the warranty was with HTC, and they are based in Taiwan, so “Good Luck”, I was told. (They really said that!) “Whoever told you anything different was wrong, and, unfortunately, YOU are responsible for knowing this information..” Regardless of what other Sprint employees told you.
      Several months went by and I get a phone call one day from the Sprint “Representative”; I was told I am using too much data, and if I continue, I will be shut down. I replied that I had purchased the “Unlimited data” plan..no throttling, etc..I was put on hold for several minutes, and when the person returned, I was told I would have to pay a 30 dollar a month “Hot Spot” fee. I replied I don’t use a hot spot. “Take it or leave it” I was told, with an uncomfortable silence soon afterward. I took it.
      Fast forward a month. My phone breaks, AGAIN, and I go in to have it fixed. While waiting, I discuss my amazement at the poor customer service. She agrees with me, and removes the 30 dollar charges…
      Within a week I get a letter saying I am getting cut off, and I should start informing friends, family, etc about my cell phone number being changed. I called what is laughably called “Customer Service”, and was told I was to be cut off, and whoever removed the charge should not have, but(here we go again)”YOU are responsible for that information(meaning the in’s and out’s of their contracts, even when told the wrong thing by a Sprint employee)
      In short, I have never, ever even heard of a company with such hubris..it boggles the mind. Guess that is why corporate America is held in such low esteem. At NO TIME where my needs tended to, and at NO TIME did anyone try to help me solve this problem..

      • Jenny Averly says:

        Somehow I’m not surprised, and our stories seem to be somewhat common. I just recently switched to T-Mobile and picked up the latest HTC One S. I love it. I’m actually no longer “unlimited”, but for a 10GB plan with the works, I’m honestly paying less for the same features and more. Not to mention the coverage in my area is great! Also, best customer service I’ve ever experienced.

        For me, I made the switch for numerous reasons I already stated, but mainly because for the next two years, until LTE realistically covers more than some select cities, I’ll have a very fast & reliable network with no hassle on a very fast and capable new phone. And when my contract is up in 2 years, I’ll start looking around again.

        Lastly, I find it laughable that Sprint decided to launch their latest version of the HTC One series and call it the new EVO 4G LTE. In reality, you’re paying a whole lot of money for a nicely spec’d phone to run in 3G mode until that magical day appears and your “select city” just might have the touted “4G LTE” service available. Maybe, hopefully. Why bother? That’s ridiculous. And to top it off, Sprint only cares about their paying customers when they leave, for feedback! SMH

        • Jason Rubadeau says:

          I waited a year and a half for the day to come when my area(Orange county, Ca) would be coming up on the list. I was told it would be “Within a few months”(exact quote)..Still hasn’t happened yet..plus I read that sprint has just bought up a lot of towers from a rival company..which it intends to use them at 3G, rather than pay for more 4G equipment. I just went to the At&T store, and will be buying their 10G plan, for less than Sprints bill.
          I have been flat out amazed..from the salespeople telling me bald-faced lies, to the “Data Specialist” that flat out to me “unlimited, in your case, is not unlimited..” Lie, cheat and steal..business, American style!
          I have begun the process of filing a complaint with the BBB and FCC, but am told this takes a while, but I will pursue it!

  8. Michael says:

    I disagree also, i think T-Mobile has the fastest 4G speeds. Soon they are getting LTE which will be AWSOME!

  9. david says:

    T-Mobile is awful and expensive. You cannot get a decent signal unless you are sitting atop their tower!

  10. roberijas says:

    T-mobile is the best no questions, they may not have the best coverage but for $20.00 total $70.00 I get unlimited 12 to 17 Mbps and that my friend translates on Netflix-Pandora-Slacker-Wifi tether and many more running 5 hrs or more every day (more than 50GB of data used every month).

    Why use LTE if I Am going to use it for only half hour with att or verizon.

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