Does OnePlus 6T Work on Verizon & T-Mobile 4G LTE Simultaneously?

Does OnePlus 6T work on Verizon & T-Mobile 4G LTE simultaneously?   When OnePlus 6T was announced with full support for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network along with support for Verizon, I was really interested if the OnePlus 6T can work on both Verizon & T-Mobile 4G LTE simultaneously.  This is because I have unlimited plan on both T-Mobile & Verizon and I don’t like carrying two phones.  Whenever I drop to dead spots with T-Mobile here in SF Bay Area(which happens quite often), I would switch to my other smartphone with Verizon SIM card.  With the OnePlus 6T, this is going to allow me to carry around just one smartphone and use both networks.

Upon testing, it turns out that the OnePlus 6T does indeed support 4G LTE simultaneously on both T-Mobile and Verizon!    This is the world’s first smartphone that supports true dual SIM(not eSIM) for both GSM and CDMA networks simultaneously. (iPhone XS does dual SIM also but one with eSIM, Pixel phones also do dual SIM with eSIM but user must switch to one of the SIM manually)

Note: T-Mobile OnePlus 6T model is SINGLE SIM, grab the official OnePlus 6T for dual-SIM feature.

OnePlus 6T also has a built-in quick toggle called “Switch data card” which allows you to quickly switch your 4G LTE from SIM card slot 1 to slot 2, which makes it easy to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon on the go.

Now, for T-Mobile, OnePlus 6T supports both VoLTE and WiFi calling while for Verizon, it does not support either.  And in my testings, 4G LTE does not switch automatically between the two in dead spots, I had to manually switch using the quick toggles.  But you can go ahead and choose default voice and messaging SIM card and also there is “Smart callback” that will return calls based on the same SIM card the call came from.  You can also reply to calls or messages with your choice of SIM card number to use.

Another excellent way to use this dual-SIM feature would be to get Verizon prepaid 4G LTE plan for supplementing your dead spots with T-Mobile or AT&T.  Verizon prepaid 4G LTE speeds are actually ridiculously fast and you can simply add more data when you are traveling and make sure you never lose 4G LTE anywhere.

Overall, this is truly a blessing for those of you globetrotters who need to make use of two networks simultaneously so you are never losing 4G LTE signals.  And yes, this is a first for being able to use on Verizon’s CDMA networks along with additional GSM carrier like T-Mobile at the same time.  I should be doing further tests on this but if you have a question on anything about this, go to our forum link below and post your questions there!

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