Dual Speaker MOD for OnePlus 6! [Stereo Sound]

Do you want to get stereo sound out of your OnePlus 6?  Well, the dual speaker MOD is finally here for the OnePlus 6 as a Magisk module.  Installing this MOD will give you full stereo sound by using your earpiece as additional speaker.  This is 100% safe to do as we have dual speaker MOD on many other Android devices including most of previous OnePlus Android smartphones like OnePlus 5, 5T, 3, 3T and most of my Galaxy smartphones have dual speaker mod.

Now, to install this dual speaker MOD, you do need to ROOT your OnePlus 6 first with Magisk.   Make sure to do that and if you are on custom ROM, most likely you only need to install the Magisk module.  However, if you are on stock OSS(Oxygen OS) firmware, you will also need to either install Viper4Android or my recommendation is to install the xXx NoLimits ROM Magisk module(it is actually not a ROM but a Magisk module you can flash in TWRP recovery.  The Xxx NoLimits ROM module will also give you additional goodies like AdAway app, Vanced YouTube app, Viper4Android, and much more.

If you do have a rooted OnePlus 6, definitely try out the new dual stereo speaker MOD and let me know how it goes for you!


Download Dual Speaker MOD for OnePlus 6 (regular) – Link

Download Dual Speaker MOD for OnePlus 6 (reduced sound/less distortion) – Link

Download Xxx NoLimits ROM Magisk Module – Link

Installation Instructions:

Step 1. Make sure you have a rooted OnePlus 6 with Magisk root working.  You should see “Installed version” with a checkmark showing that your OnePlus 6 has Magisk running correctly.

Step 2. Install the Dual Speaker MOD zip file in Magisk Manager app under “Modules” menu in Magisk Manager app.  Reboot and you will see it working.

Step 3. If using stock firmware, the Dual Speaker MOD may interfere with apps like YouTube or not work for all apps.  To fix this issue, reboot into TWRP recovery and install the Xxx NoLImit ROM Magisk Module.  You MUST install this in TWRP recovery.

Once rebooted, you should have fully-working dual speaker MOD along with extra goodies like Viper4Android.

Credits – Dual Speaker MOD, Xxx NoLimits ROM

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